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Can I place a modifier after a colon?

If you are writing a literary piece, you can do anything you want, as long as you are understood. It is indeed not idiomatic to separate the verb phrase from its modifier by a colon. However, your ...
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What is the correct punctuation to use in this sentence?

A strong adaptation of the metered billing models by the leading Software-as-a-Service providers demonstrates the advantages that such billing models bring to all stakeholders of the service: the ...
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Is given by(:) <eqn>; acquires the form of(:) <eqn>

With of, the sense just runs on. There is no need to separate of from the equation with punctuation; even the new line is only needed to help typesetting (and perhaps to make the equation easier to ...
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Period vs. Colon?

I've helped students prepare for the SAT for over two decades and am very familiar with its writing section. Answer choice B is too "wordy", as "these include" is redundant. A ...
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A colon vs. A dash in a sentence

later known as Raytheon Manufacturing can be imagined as a reduced relative clause (warning: grammar terms vary) — reduced from which was later known as Raytheon Manufacturing: After World War I, ...
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