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I checked in in this because I am writing a scifi story and was running into the issue. I have concluded Earth is capitalized when discussing the place, but not the soil. And Human is capitalized when discussing the species as a specific people but not a classification. For example, the Human ambassador versus the ambassador's human nature.


Uncapitalized unless it is being used as a replacement for a name. For instance, in Lady and the Tramp, Lady mistakes her humans' names as 'Jim Dear' and 'Darling', as they refer to each other by nothing else. However, even if we weren't at the dog's perspective, I'd still keep them capitalized, as they so infrequently use their real names that these ...


The quoted words are direct speech. The speaker's words should always begin with a capital letter, whatever their position in the sentence, so in your first example the woman's implied words should read "You look like an idiot".


From: it seems most organisations use sentence-case for FAQ questions. One used all-caps, which can avoid the issue.


As we are referencing email specifically here, the correct form is 'All'. Email and letter salutations are typically capitalised. Outside of those instances, however, lowercase it is. Also see this blog post:

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