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Can you write "... me's" (the possessive)?

"The person behind me's breathing" is called a "group genitive". Grammarian Richard Nordquist states in his introduction to the topic on ThoughtCo: In English grammar, the group ...
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Why is there an apostrophe in the name Ilya M. Sobol'?

It's a diacritic marker The key is in the original Russian name: Илья Меерович Соболь. The last letter there (ь) is a soft sign, which is sometimes represented by an apostrophe in transliteration ...
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How to write the possessive of a proper noun that ends in a plural noun?

This is between you and your style guide of choice. Mine is The Chicago Manual of Style, so I would go with the rule for “a plural form ending in s . . . even though the entity is singular”: the ...
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Incorrect? "This was deemed the bodies corporate decision"

The body corporate is a noun phrase – a name/title. *“The bodies corporate decision." -> “bodies corporate” is the plural of “body corporate.” But the plural is rarely used as an attributive ...
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Can you write "... me's" (the possessive)?

People might say it colloquially, but it doesn't really sound right. If you think about it as "the-person-behind-me" being one object, then it seems like it could technically be correct, but ...
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Why is the right single quotation mark used as the apostrophe?

Summary The question can be summarized as a negative response of the poster to a recommendation from a software application. This was not to use the typographical symbol variously called the neutral, ...
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Using 's with inanimate objects

To search Ngram Viewer for phrases containing apostrophes, you need to enclose them in square brackets. All the examples you gave are well-attested with -'s, except for "car's back," which ...
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How to put possessive 's after a full company name

A couple of examples from Google Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd.'s Sustainable Finance Framework https://www.spglobal.com › research › pdf-articles › 22... S&P Global Ratings said that Jigsaw Homes Group ...
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Is Lewis Carroll correct in his suggestion on some abbreviations?

'traveler' IS the official spelling in American English. Likewise with other verbs (and other words) ending in 'l' when a suffix is added (-er, -ed, -ing, -ous, etc) where British English doubles the '...
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Apostrophe vs. Single Quote

You asked about the semantic difference, but there is also a technical difference - ASCII and typewriter keyboards do not have a 'single quote' character, only QUOTATION MARK (U+0022) and APOSTROPHE (...
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