The problem is that you've written a sentence form that appears in many introductions of technical manuscripts with a different meaning: "There has a sparsity/paucity of research in this area[, motivating me to work on it]." It's a given that more research can be performed; it's not necessary to inform the reader of this. It sounds like you mean ...


How could you describe this amount of fuel? enough OED A. adj. (determiner). I. As much or as many as required or wanted; sufficient in quantity or number. 1934 Butler (Georgia) Herald 16 Aug. 2/6 Heat and cold are cruel things, but man has intelligence enough to overcome them. 2016 Church Times 9 Dec. 11/2 The Archbishop of Mosul, Mor Nicodemus ...


How about ben trovato? appropriate and characteristic even if untrue; happily invented or discovered. [Dictionary.com]

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