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Herewith versus herein. In this situation, is one or the other more grammatically correct and/or sense correct?

If you want your comment to mean in this document (though you probably mean in this post/in this OP?), then use herein, which is an abbreviation of in this. (see M-W) Herewith is more about attaching ...
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How to use the word alive as an adjective in a sentence?

Postpositive adjectives are part of noun phrases: the president elect, any students absent, etc. Adjectives can generally be used either as attributive modifiers (alive doesn't allow this except when ...
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How do I know when to use: “completely”, “in full”, “totally” or “entirely”?

You'd never hear anyone say 'I'm wasted in full' and rarely 'I'm entirely wasted' though 'I'm completely wasted' and especially 'I'm totally wasted' are more idiomatic. 'Totally' is something of a ...
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