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A synonym is a word that means the same, or almost the same thing, as another word. This tag is for asking about pairs of words. If you're requesting a synonym, please use the ‘single-word-request’ tag.

3 votes

other way to say " more to it than that "

There are lots of possible phrases you could use, depending on the exact situation. A few ideas: "Further" "Additionally" "However, things are not quite that simple" "However, there are other sign …
  • 14.7k
2 votes

Synonym request: "paint into a corner"

An appropriate phrase for having to face the consequences of your actions is: I've made my bed [and now I've got to lie in it]. This phrase is often said without the second part. Reference: idi …
  • 14.7k
0 votes

Another way to say "do as you please"?

There's "Do as you feel", which starts with an "f" rather than a "th". But then I tend to pronounce them the same anyway. It gets 3.8m hits on google. Alternatively, slightly different is "Do whateve …
  • 14.7k
1 vote

Meaning of chief curiosity

You're nearly there with your research skills, you just need to read a bit further down the definition for curiosity: 3 a : one that arouses interest especially for uncommon or exotic characteristics …
  • 14.7k
4 votes

Consumers of a plant

According to the wikibook Predation and Herbivory: ecologically, predation is defined as any interaction between two organisms that results in a flow of energy between them. This definition is applic …
  • 14.7k
1 vote

"bachelor's" vs "bachelor's degree"

There are two aspects I can see here: Abbreviating "bachelor's degree" to "bachelor's" Creating a list while omitting repeated words Abbreviation It is very common to abbreviate both "bachelor's …
  • 14.7k
1 vote

"...averted crash" vs. "...avoided crash"

other, I would be more likely to use avoid: I avoided a car accident whereas for preventing Armageddon I would be more likely to use avert: I averted the disaster But, as said previously, they are synonyms
  • 14.7k