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How is "cyan" pronounced and where is the stress?

How is the word 'cyan' pronounced? Is it pronounced sigh-yann /saɪæn/ or sigh-yun /saɪən/ and is the stress on the first or second syllable?

The online dictionary entries indexed by OneLook Dictionary Search list both "SIGH-ann" /ˈsaɪæn/ and "SIGH-un" /ˈsaɪən/, with the stress on the first syllable. None of them lists any pronunciation variants with the stress on the second syllable, aside from the American Heritage Dictionary, which lists a pronunciation with stress on both syllables ("sīăn′": the stress mark after the first syllable is larger than the one after the second, so presumably this represents /ˈsaɪˌæn/ with secondary stress on the second syllable). However, there are allusions to pronunciations with primary stress on the second syllable in various other places on the web:

Syllabification of "Cyan", using spaces (space bar) to separate syllables? (Yahoo Answers):

Cy AN. Stress is on the second syllable.

CYANIST - MYSTcommunity:

Although, is it true that Cyan, when properly pronounced, rhymes with Diane? ;) Because I'm terribly attached to it rhyming with "lion," even more than I was attached to "D'ni" having its second syllable stressed, which was before I learned it was supposed to have its first syllable stressed, which was before RAWA dropped the bomb that, in fact, the second syllable IS supposed to get more emphasis than the first. (75th Trombone, Posted 11 March 2003 - 07:28 AM)

Behind the Name: User Comments for the Name Cyan

In Britain at least, the word "cyan" is pronounced "sie-ANNE", with the stress on the 2nd syllable not the 1st.
-- Anonymous User 3/7/2006