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Is 'place' functioning as an adverb or is the relative 'where' dropped in these sentences?

1)Of course it's always the last place you look. (no 'at') 2)This is the last place I want to go. (without 'to') compare 3) with 2) This is the restaurant that we often go to on the weekends. There ...
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The correct location of the gap in a relative clause

On page 1037 of the Cambridge Grammar: In [2iii] and [2iv] above is shown a gap "in object position". In fact, this is where all the grammars that I know of would put the gap. If the gap ...
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Shakespearean relative clause: "I have a brother is condemned to die"

In Measure for Measure 2.2.785, Shakespeare wrote the following sentence: I have a brother is condemned to die. I am wondering why he omitted the relative pronoun and left the helping verb. Isn't ...
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Sentence Structure 3 [closed]

Do you think that the following sentence structure is correct? "Attach any material you need included". I meant to say "Attach any material that you need to include". I agree it may not be formal ...
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Problem in adjective clauses’ grammar

I have read some grammar points about adjective clauses, but I still have problems recognizing the right choice in questions requiring them. For example: All the students ____ do well in writing. ...
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Friends "that or who" I consider my best friends

Can I ever use that for people, or must it be who? Which one is correct? I have friends from all walks of life that I consider my best friends. I have friends from all walks of life who I ...
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Why is 'that' sometimes optional before dependent clauses?

Sometimes, the word 'that' to introduce a dependent clause is optional. For example, these sentences both make sense with or without 'that': Long books [that] religious people like tend to be Bibles....
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