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these data of yours [duplicate]

"These personal data of yours will be shared with authorized public institutions and organizations." Is this sentence correct?
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Which one is correct - You better ask James or better you ask James? [closed]

"You better ask James" or "better you ask James" which one is correct?
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An email to sent two people and how to distinguish "you"

Say I sent two people by one email. In my email, I will use you to refer both of them. How do I mention one? Can I use the following sentence? I will copy the files to you (Mr. John) and give you a ...
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How many can follow up with "you"?

Imagine you are talking to a coterie: Who will vote for Obama? (2 hands raise) I want to ask you two... How many can follow up with "you" if there are more people to imply? Who will vote ...
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"You all should have" vs. "you should have all" vs. "all of you should have"

Which one of these three constructions is more correct: By now, you all should have received your insurance cards. By now, all of you should have received your insurance cards. By now, ...
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Why is "you all" contracted to "y'all" and not "you'll"?

Is you'll also valid in the context of this video? Or is viper just setting new rules down in the English language?
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Is it right to ask "how are you all doing?"

Is it right to ask "how are you all doing?"? Should I reply to a "How do you do?" with an "Am good" or should I say "How do you do" myself in return?
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"See you all" or "see you everyone"

When leaving from work, how to say "see you" to colleagues? Which one is appropriate, "see you all" or "see you everyone"?
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What is the possessive form of "y'all"?

I generally hear y'alls's used as the possessive form, but I have also heard yourn. Since y'all is a colloquial pronoun, its possessive form is basically liberated from prescriptive linguistics which ...
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How do you write the short form of "you all"?

The short form is pronounced as "yoll", but what is the actual spelling? Is it "y'all"? Any official mention of the spelling? Example useage: "Where are you-all going". Pronounced as "Where are yoll ...
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"Y'all" or "ya'll"?

I've seen it spelled both ways. Are both correct?
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When did “y’all” become improper?

It is my understanding that the contraction y’all was considered correct American English in times past. At what point was this word removed from valid American English?
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