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Using two wouldn't haves [closed]

Can I use two wouldn't have in one sentence? For example: If it hadn't been for him, she wouldn't have been accepted in the university, and thus, she wouldn't have been able to get a decent job. Is ...
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The use of "would have + [participle verb]" in the narration of the movie Reprise (2006)

The narration starts like this: Their manuscripts would have been accepted immediately. They would’ve been published the next fall. Finally, they would’ve been authors. My first thought is, because &...
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"would have been" meaning [duplicate]

At 03:50 of there is the following phrase: "when the group entered the cave at 8pm local time they would have been confident". I don't see any connotation of an ...
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Would you say, "She was quiet after she'd been back from school," or "She was quiet after she'd gotten back from school"? [closed]

I don't know if these two choices are just preference or not. On a side note, would it sound better if you say "ever since" or "since" in place of the word "after"? ...
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Would vs Would have

Which one of them is the most appropriate - 1) If she didn't like him , why would she date him ? 2) If she didn't like him , why would she have been dating him ? 3) If she didn't like him , why would ...
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Can "would have" be used to express assumption or a guess? [duplicate]

I know that "would have" is usually used in a hypothetic situation. For example, "I would have done that had I been able to" is not a real situation but a hypothetic scenario. However, other ...
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Use of would have

After a near miss from getting hit by a ball saying which of the following is grammatically accurate "What would have you done if it hit my eye?" Or "What would you have done if it hit my eye?"
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I knew I would have died/ I knew I would die

I'm writing a story and my character is referring to the knowledge she always had that she would eventually die under the rain. Of course she's not dead at the moment of saying the sentence, but she ...
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Stupid question #1 "would have" or "would"

I have this sentence: "Sometimes you can find friendship where you would have never thought you would have" Why is the last part of the sentence "you would have" and not just "you would". Please guys ...
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'Could have' vs. 'Would have been able to' in a Type-III Conditional

This type-III conditional sentence, “I could not have played volleyball when I was an elementary school student if I had been short.” should be (I think) changed to: “I would not have been ...
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Would have been... vs. Had been

I just saw this sentence on cnn: Experts believe if Friday's test would have been fired on a flatter, standard trajectory, it could have threatened cities like Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. I ...
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Are there dialects where "would have" is used to describe a factual event long in the past?

I've recently noticed that a few people I know, all native American English speakers in their 50s-70s and originally from the Midwest, use "would have" and related forms when talking about factual ...
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We "would have been"/"will be" together for three years in August

Me and my boyfriend cannot decide if I am using the English language properly. My sentence is "We would have been together for three years in August" but he thinks the use of "would have" is ...
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"I wouldn't have <past particle verb> if you wouldn't have <past participle verb>" not commonly heard from natives, why? Wrong or uncommon?

In my native language we often use complex sentences expressions like this: "I wouldn't have gone there if you wouldn't have told me to go there". Now when I say that in English it feel a bit verbose ...
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What's the meaning of "would have been"? [duplicate]

"Who would've thought that working with you would have been a silver lining?" Actually, I don't quite understand the usage of "would have been"? What's the difference if I replace "would have been" ...
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