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Grammatically-unusual word, used to specify the value ascribed to something.

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"What's it worth"? [duplicate]

Recently I encountered the sentence "What's it worth?" in a book. I cannot understand the structure of this sentence. From my perspective, "worth" means "value" in this ...
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What's 'it' in the sentence 'it is worth it'? [duplicate]

Rebooting your career is definitely worth it. Actually, my question is not specific to this sentence. I don't get the word it in the use of worth in general as in this one: It is worth it. If it ...
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"Nothing else on earth is worth being preoccupied with" [closed]

I know that worth can be used with a gerundial clause that has a passive meaning: A lot of the small towns in the area are definitely worth visiting. (ldoceonline) But can "worth" be used ...
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Is thera a meaning for worth "BLUE" = "GAY"? [closed]

i want to ask is there in englisch language a meaining for worth BLUE = GAY/HOMOSEXUAL? Because i found that meaning in Urbandictionary for sentence "Am I blue?": "2. A question asked ...
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Similar adjectives to "worth"

This laptop is worth $140. Here worth does not need a following preposition. However, when I say, for example: I am curious about his motivation behind his decision. The word curious is an ...
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Use of apostrophe or hyphen in money amounts

I'm trying to write a sentence along the lines of "we ordered 200 pounds' worth of stuff", but using the pound sign rather than the word. Possible options: "£200 worth" "£200's worth" "£200-worth" "£...
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Transitive-like nouns [duplicate]

I've always wondered about certain kinds of nouns, a particular example is worth. As in: It is worth 100 dollars, It is worth it, It is not worth anything. In which they handle direct objects, like ...
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Why can we say “worth more than” but not “expensive more than”?

Why can we say: It is worth more than. . . . but not: It is expensive more than. . . . It’s the position of more which I find so confusing. Also, is worth an adjective in both these cases?
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What part of speech is “worth”? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the lexical class of the word 'worth' when used in a sentence like “Is this apple worth $3?” In a sentence like the following: The knight’s ...
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Meaning of "a function's worth of code"

We have already seen how to make jQuery react to the loading of a web page. The $(document).ready() event handler can be used to fire off a function's worth of code, but there's a bit more to be ...
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What does it mean to be "worth someone's keep"?

“Do not get any gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belts no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worth his keep. What does it mean to be "...
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What is the lexical class of the word 'worth' when used in a sentence like "Is this apple worth $3?"

The question "Not worth the paper it's printed on" - wrong meaning? got me thinking about what part of speech, or lexical class, the word 'worth' takes? A comment in Which is correct: &...
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Which is correct: "is it worth it?" or "does it worth it?" [closed]

Which one should I prefer? Is it worth it? or Does it worth it? Additionally, is the following form (without it) correct? Is it worth?
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