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the dead of winter [closed]

do you use this expression "the dead of winter"? there was a sentence using that expression meaning severe cold. I never saw that kind expression before.
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What is the single-word noun meaning "Someone who participates in a Winterfest"? [closed]

If someone who goes to the Theatre is a Theatregoer, what is the single-word noun for someone who participates in a Winterfest? I am assuming it would not be "Winterfester" as that sounds more like ...
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What’s a “handegg”?

What’s a handegg? NOTE: This question is primarily related to the etymology of a compound noun which is not in The Dictionary. There is a hat this year called “Handegg”, given out for a posting that ...
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A name for hat collectors?

The Stack Exchange Winter Bash 2013 has me thinking about hats, as my collection is growing. I know that the terms for people who collect specific things are generally obscure, but they do exist. ...
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