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Verb Form Following "Who" Preceded by Prepositional Phrase [duplicate]

Does the verb form after "who" attach to "one" or "friends"? Or can both possibilities be argued? She gave the document to one of her friends who are trustworthy. She ...
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Is it who, whom or, that?

For the phrase, "... more than those that have come before." what is most correct? Is it who, whom or, that?
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Is it "That's the family that is moving in..." or "That's (they're?) the family who is (are?) moving in..."?

I know that 'who' refers to people and 'that' refers to things. But what about when the thing IS people, such as a family? Would I say, "That's the family that is moving in next door soon.", or "That'...
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Using 'that' with 'who', 'whom', 'which' [duplicate]

A child that, who becomes A child that becomes A child who becomes A child who, that becomes Which is more appropriate and which ones are wrong if any? The problem is not if they are ...
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Would one say "...a vendor who..." or "...a vendor that..."? [duplicate]

What is the correct way to form a relative clause after the word "vendor" in the following sentence? Our machines are serviced by a third party vendor who checks the machine during regular service. ...
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There are more people that have done ... or who have done? [duplicate]

I know that that is used for things and who for people, but in some cases, I can't really explain why, but I'm hesitating between: There are 4 more people that have watched the film #2 than people ...
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Which is correct: "staff that may have this information" or "staff who may have this information"? [closed]

Should I use 'who' or 'that' in the following sentence? Any information you have, or any leads to staff who may have this information would be very much appreciated. Any information you have, ...
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Who vs That with a mixed subject

In the case of Company A, as well as in the case of product B, there were companies and businessmen who were eager to trade with XY. In the use of that vs who, I usually stick to the subject rule (...
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"Who" usage in sentence

Mr. Kejriwal has already broached the subject with Mr. Modi, who has been non-committal. In the above sentence, please tell if who is indicated to Mr. Modi or to Mr. Kejriwal. If it is indicated to ...
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Using relative pronoun "who" with "team" or "bunch"

I would like to know if this sentence is grammatical, with its usage of the relative pronoun who. (I) Our team is a happy bunch who works night and day. I am getting two parses for this sentence: ...
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"Why was the girl that/who had plenty of money arrested"

Why is that used in the following sentence, instead of who? Why was the girl that had plenty of money arrested for shoplifting some trinkets worth only about two dollars?
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That vs. who for "police"

"After hearing that Ramin’s father was in the shah’s secret police who were responsible for killing millions..." I thought the word would be "who" because police are people, but MS Word corrects is ...
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Why isn’t “him that is” instead “him who is” in this passage from the 1500s? [closed]

From page 123 of Frederick Schauer’s Thinking Like a Lawyer: As long ago as the sixteenth century, Lord Selden observed that . . . Equity is according to the conscience of him that is ...
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Rules about using that to describe people? [duplicate]

Can I say, "He is the only person that I know."? Are there rules about using that to describe people?
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Friends "that or who" I consider my best friends

Can I ever use that for people, or must it be who? Which one is correct? I have friends from all walks of life that I consider my best friends. I have friends from all walks of life who I ...
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Is it “a company who makes ...” or “a company that makes...”?

Regarding the fact that a company is made up of people and we use who for people, is it proper to use who here?
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When to use "it" instead of "who"

In using a title for a particular function of a person (for example, "supplier", "seller", "buyer", "exporter"), is it proper to use the word "it" and "that" and "itself", instead of "he or she" and "...
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Can the word "that" be used to refer to people?

I came across this SAT Question of the Day: Unbelievable as it may seem, many individuals that fought in the American Revolution were still alive in 1839, the year the world was introduced to ...
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How to use "who" vs. "that"

I often get confused when trying to use who vs that. Some examples that often confuse me: That The person that went to the store. The people that went shopping. The persons that went ...
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Should you use "who" or "that" when talking about multiple people doing something?

Which of the following is correct? There were 10 people that went to the store. There were 10 people who went to the store. Edit: Which of the following is correct? There were 10 ...
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