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To which level can an antecedent of "which" be a phrasal noun? Can an entire clause be the antecedent? [duplicate]

I see many answers on the antecedent of "which", but not with this level of detail. In this sentence: The values of MAE and RMSE obtained for the validation phase are similar, which ...
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The word “which” referring to a “whom”

I’ve lighted on a use of the word “which” that has interested me. “‘Doctor’ means a learned man, which I suppose this man is.” Of course, when we talk or write about people, we use “who” or “...
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Who and which - What to choose when we are referring to a choice between two or more things or persons

“who is your father in the crowd?” Vs “which is your father in the crowd?” Which is correct? What is difference in meaning between them?
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Around “which” or around “who” or around which?

In a sentence that reads, “Align your attention with that maternal star around **** we orbit”, what word would be suitable? I am unsure because “maternal star” adds gender and very nearly attributes ...
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which or who in "the body, authority, entity or person which establishes"

... the body, authority, entity or person which establishes... Is it correct to use "which" in this case? Or should it rather be "who", since the last element of the list is a person?
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"whose" and "of which"

I have a question about the usage of "whose" and "of which". I have learned that a. Do you see the mountain whose top is covered with snow? and b. Do you see the mountain the top of which is ...
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"...the person or body who..." vs. "...the person or body which..."

When referring to both natural and non-natural persons (i.e. organisations) at the same time, is it appropriate to use 'which' or 'who'? For example: 1. '... request the person or body who has the ...
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Do I have to put a comma before "in which" here? [duplicate]

A book, in which you can read interesting things, is more thrilling than TV.
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Is it right to say "after which time" as in the sentence mentioned herein?

"Fermentation took place in an incubator at 28C for 24 hours, after which time the grains were separated from the medium with a plastic sieve and plunged in a fresh medium"
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Which one is grammatically correct: "peoples who" or "peoples which"?

I am very confused if I should use the pronoun "who" or "which" when referring to nations. Here is the quote: This was partly due to diseases, but it was also due to the African peoples, who/which ...
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"That is the lady (which / that / who / whom) I told you about." Which is correct? [closed]

That is the lady [which / that / who / whom / (none of these)] I told you about. I failed this test question when I used none of the options, saying: "That is the lady I told you about". Some ...
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which tense to use in the following situation?

Can you tell me which tense you will use in the following sentence? Children who (to come) to the cinema tomorrow?
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By which? - Problem with relative clause

for hours I've been scouring the internet for some sentences/grammar rules which bother me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the answer, and that's why I decided to ask here. Are sentences 1) and 2) ...
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Using relative pronoun "who" with "team" or "bunch"

I would like to know if this sentence is grammatical, with its usage of the relative pronoun who. (I) Our team is a happy bunch who works night and day. I am getting two parses for this sentence: ...
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What is the correct one Whose , Who or Which [closed]

Q)Fill in each gap with an appropriate word from the list : -The writer ....... novels were translated into many languages won the Nobel Prize. Choices : a)whose b)who c)which
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'Who' or 'which' in reference to companies [duplicate]

What is appropriate to use here, who or which? There are around 50 companies who/which deliver scanning services to private and business consumers.
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"People who" vs "people which" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should I use 'that' 'which' or 'who' in this sentence? Should I use "who" or "which"? I'm leaning to "who", but I'm not sure... If you're not one ...
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Should I use 'that' 'which' or 'who' in this sentence?

Boys don't play with dolls that they know for a long time, unless they see another boys playing with them. Well it means that boys sometimes boys are not interested in a girl ...
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"Most of which" or "most of whom" or "most of who"?

I am very uncertain about when to use "most of whom," "most of who," or "most of which." Please give concrete examples instead of only rules like, "this is the subject, so you should..."
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