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Whether as a relative clause

I have serious questions whether this "died suddenly" thing has some kind of major psyop angle to it now. What is the function of the whether clause here? Is it possible to state that ...
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Is 'whether' limited to two options?

In the following circumstances, can 'whether' be used for more than two options: Whether recyclable, made from natural fibre or even attached to a tree-planting scheme for each mattress sold — we ...
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Using "about whether" in a sentence

I am wondering whether the paragraph below is correct? Mainly I am not sure about the following phrase: "..about whether..", is it correct? Paragraph: It is quite common to have a bad ...
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"Whether was" vs. "Whether wasn't"

Here is a GRE question. The reclusive clergyman may have lived and died in melancholy, but this doesn’t seem to have hampered his genius in any way. On the contrary, we find ourselves wondering ...
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'Would/do you mind' + whether (polite indirect questions)

Swan's 'Practical English Grammar' says: "Yes/no questions are reported with if or whether... whether and if can both introduce indirect questions." e.g: She asked me if/whether she could ...
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About the usage of whether to.....or not [closed]

I would like to know whether the following three sentences are grammatically correct or acceptable. Whether to kill him or to keep him is up to you. I have to decide whether to kill him or to keep ...
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6 votes
3 answers

whether...A or B vs. whether A, or whether B

(1) *I'm buying it whether I can afford it. (2) I'm buying it whether I can afford it or not. (3) I'm buying it whether I can afford it, or whether I have to take out a loan. I think (1) doesn't work,...
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Using consecutive "whether" clauses

Can someone tell me if the use of two consecutive "whether" clauses (like the sentence below) is correct? It sounds odd to my ears. "Whether you're big or small, whether you're rich or poor, I ...
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Indirect Speech/whether-if

We say: I don't know whether he is right. Is it acceptable to say: I don't know he's right or wrong.
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Is "whether was not " equal to "whether"? [closed]

Here comes a GRE question, The reclusive clergyman may have lived and died in melancholy, but this doesn’t seem to have hampered his genius in any way. On the contrary, we find ourselves wondering ...
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How to use “whether” and “if” [duplicate]

So I got confused about the usage of whether and if 1. I was wondering if you could tell me I was wondering whether you could tell me 2. I wondered whether you could tell me I ...
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Subject-verb agreement with "whether" [duplicate]

Which of the following choices makes this sentence is grammatically correct? or is there a better approach? It's unclear whether he/him or I/me is/are first in line.
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Is it okay to say 'whether on phone or via email'? [closed]

I'm writing a cover letter, and the sentence I'm trying to fix is the below one. I am fully capable of working using English whether on phone or via email thanks to my work experience. Is it ...
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to whether + bare infinitive + or to verb [closed]

I wanted to see whether this phrase is grammatically correct or not. I want to use it in my PhD thesis. "Customers have more freedom to whether buy a new product or to get their money back. "
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Is this "whether" clause modifying a verb? [Whether (or not) issue]

I have recently read through both "Whether or not" vs. "whether" and an article I found within it, found at Using ...
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Using "Whether" or "Whether or not"

I read the information about using whether or whether or not on your web site; however, I am still not certain about making the choice. Could you please tell me the specific rules for using whether ...
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