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Is "whatever is left can <verb>" correct grammar?

Whatever is left can be given away. Initially this seems like a complete sentence, but it seems odd to me that the verb phase involving "is" is used as a subject. Could someone explain why or why not ...
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Question on in-laws immediate family if our families are close

We all consider our family to include the families married into our family, but I've always wondered what to call my Uncle Ted's mother. Ted is married to my Aunt Kim, who is my mother's sister. Is ...
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To use ‘to’ or not is the question ;) [duplicate]

I believe the grammatically correct way is to omit the to before the verb (find in this case). Can someone confirm? What you have to do instead is find a way to redefine the problem ... I ask this ...
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"Get something" vs. "Go get something"

According to one online dictionary, get can mean “to go to another place and come back with something or someone” (word choice). If so, then why do you sometimes use “go get something”, prefixing get ...
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Is a bare infinitive acceptable as the object of a verb? [duplicate]

I came upon the phrase, "writing helps develop a child analytically thinking." Is this grammatically correct? Is it OK to use just develop instead of to develop?
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"help achieve" usage (verb licensing) [duplicate]

When I was taught English (as a foreign language) I was told that there are two ways of putting verbs together: learn to play (to + infinitive) quit smoking (gerund) Some verbs require one way and ...
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Is it customary or grammatical to drop ‘to’ in “I’m not going to go look for it”?

There was a scene a thirty-something wife refuses to go looking for the wedding ring her husband lost in a courtyard when she was asked by her husband over the phone, in the fiction titled “The Lost ...
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Should an infinitive be used in "the police made everyone to leave"?

In my academics I learned that we use infinitives (to + verb 1st form). So I was surprised when someone told me this sentence is incorrect. I am not able to figure it out why this sentence is ...
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Should I always insert "and" between two verbs in imperative mode?

As far as I understand, the word and is usually inserted between two verbs used in imperative mood in English. For example, “Go and make me a drink.” How obligatory is this? Can I claim that it is ...
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Is it correct to say "John helps you talk with people"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the correct way to use infinitive after the verb "help": with or without "to"? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but English is not my first language. For me it ...
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What is the correct way to use infinitive after the verb "help": with or without "to"?

What is the correct way to use infinitive after the verb "help": with or without "to"? For example: Please, help me to understand this. or: Please, help me understand this.
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