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Questions tagged [verb-patterns]

Verb patterns show how a verb can be constructed with objects, complements, infinitive, gerund, adjective etc. Hornby established a survey of these verb patterns with about 50 verb constructions.

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Use of the verb "like"

Consider the following sentence, please: I don't like these comments coming from you. How would a native speaker of English analyze the above sentence? I tried to analyze it myself in the ...
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Is 'to smoke' a complement or adjunct in this sentence?

I hope you are all well. He stopped to smoke. Is to smoke a complement of stop or is it an infinitive-of-purpose adjunct?
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"He made me down" sounds ok to say "He made me sad"? If not, why so?

I'm a newbie to this forum and I've been wondering if the sentence below is gramatically correct, and if not, pls explain the reason linguistically. (I'm not a native English speaker.) He made me ...
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"latency to do" or "latency to doing"?

What's correct? Environmental enrichment leads to more active behaviour in an open field and causes a shorter latency to interact with a novel object" Or should it be 'latency to interacting'? ...
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What are the five basic internal structures of verb phrases? [closed]

I can't get my head around this. I found this answer. Can anyone tell me if this makes sense? Also if anyone can reccomend some literature (school books don't cover this question). Vintr (+ A) ...
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Correct verb patterns for the verb 'recommend'? [duplicate]

Which of the last three verb patterns apply to the verb 'recommend'? I recommend that you wait. (present subjunctive, American usage) I recommend that you should wait. (substitute for present ...
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Is it correct to say "to suggest to someone that they should do something"?

Is it correct to say "to suggest to someone that they should do something"? Found in "Advanced Trainer, Six Practice Tests with Answers" by Felicity O'Dell and Michael Black, ...
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Can " were known" be considered as a copular verb?

I have to analyze the valency pattern of this clause "These glorious full colour prints that resulted were known as brocade pictures". Can I consider "were known" as a copular verb followed by the ...
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How is the predicate of the verb 'to diagnose' formed?

So often nowadays one hears people say He was diagnosed with walliballi disease. Is this grammatically correct? What does a doctor diagnose? My own instinct, supported by the OED is that a doctor ...
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