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Distribution of slang term “opp”

I’m a teenager from Chicago. One slang term which is used by young people in my community rather often is “opp.” It is clearly derived from the stem “oppose,” and is basically short for opposition or ...
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Is there a word for 'cities with tall buildings'?

Is there a word that can be used to refer to cities with several tall buildings? There's an adjective, skyscraping, but that feels a little figurative. It feels a bit strange to put it as "Hong ...
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What would you call an open urban space that is not exactly in a residential area?

I've been searching for the name of this type of space for a while and have been reduced to asking the question here. It's not a square (usually located in a city around residential areas) and it's ...
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Do you need to be a member of a gang to be called a gangster and accused of gangsterism?

Collins I understand that the Collins dictionary defines gangsterism to be a person using the methods and behaviour of gangsters, and the tactics associated with gangsters. But it is my current ...
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What does it mean by "Done Diddly doo do" [closed]

What does it mean by "Done Diddly doo do" I have heard people saying this after a meeting or at the end of the meeting. Alright folks we are done diddly doo do.
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Does the expression "press the flesh" imply hypocrisy? [closed]

I read in Longman the meaning of this phrase "to shake hands with many people while campaigning for public office". Is this phrase implying that the act of "pressing the flesh"/...
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A word or phrase that describes overlooked structures that are part of the fabric of modern living?

Is there a word or phrase that exactly describes overlooked structures that are part of the fabric of modern living? For instance, these are institutional structures that are there and we take little ...
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