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after movement have ceased (Steinbeck)

John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley (1962): "That discussion, however, did not go into the life span of journeys. This seems to be variable and unpredictable. Who has not known a journey to be ...
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Strategy to write error free english [closed]

When I write a document I make different kind of errors. I do check for such errors like running Spelling and Grammar checks using MS Word etc. however many times I catch such error only after I share ...
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Am I understanding this passage correctly?

... accordingly we find Newton assigning to God two very important and specific duties in the daily cosmic economy. For one thing, he actively prevents the fixed stars from collapsing together in the ...
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'greater that' instead of 'greater than' - typo, autocorrect or new usage? [closed]

I regularly see people on the web type things like 'The health benefits of cycling are greater that the risks of being sedentary', where to me that should be 'greater than'. It seems like an odd typo ...
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Is this “by this time” in “On Liberty” a typo for “at this time”?

Here is a passage from On Liberty, written by J.S. Mill: This mode of thought, or rather perhaps of feeling, was common among the last generation of European liberalism, in the Continental section of ...
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Is "fPrince" a real word? [closed]

I saw this on the NYT web site today (4/9/2021): Is "fPrince" a real word, or is it an incredible typo??
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Is the second "there" a typo in "that there was there insufficient evidence"?

A lawyer has filed a court document listing issues to be determined in an upcoming trial. He has phrased one issue as follows: Did Judge <X> err in not accepting the "new evidence" ...
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Does "malefic rune", possible typo from "tune" in the context?

I have been reading a story by Robert Bloch - The feast in the Abbey. I just cannot see how the "rune" can be correct in the following: As I thus mused there fell upon my ears the sounds ...
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term for obvious "stuttering" in print

Is there a name for an obviously erroneous duplication of a word in a print medium? For example (with apologies to Mr. Lincoln)" "Four-score and seven seven years ago..." If someone is relatively ...
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Is "commerical" a valid and different word from "commercial"? [closed]

Googling, I see many places using the spelling commerical, but I don't see that spelling in any dictionaries at all. Is it a mistake for commercial, or are these two different words?
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Meaning of "look as far off now as they did them"

"Well, Tormance is a big place. But I have an infallible rule, Corpang. As I come from the south, I always go due north." "That will take us to Lichstorm." Maskull gazed at the ...
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