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Questions tagged [twentieth-century-english]

For questions relating to 20th century English, i.e. 1901-2000.

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Was "St. Bartholomew's Day massacre" what people used before Kristallnacht happened?

The New York Times' first article on Adolf Hitler, "Hitler New Power in Germany", written in 1922 (but still paywalled), referred to fears of a St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. Was that the standard ...
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Attributive modification of subjective pronoun - was possible in 20th century?

I noticed an article in Los Angeles Herald, Volume XLIII, Number 304, 22 October 1918: Link. The title says: Influenza-Crazed He Slays His Family Here 'Influenza-Crazed' seems to modify 'He'. Were ...
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Why is weekend so called in the U.S., when it is not the end of the week by the reckoning that is standard there?

It is well known that in some parts of the world Monday is generally regarded as the first day of the week, while in others that status is bestowed on Sunday. Given that, in a continuously repeating ...
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