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Is there a verb counterpart to "pair" when bringing together three things

The word pair is used both as a noun a pair of gloves and a verb a cardigan paired with a matching shirt I believe the matching noun for three things is "trio", but is there a ...
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I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it a thousand times

I had a student moaning because I insisted he say twice and not "two times". And he asked "But why?" to which I replied, "Because that's how you say it!" However on ...
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What comes after thrice? [duplicate]

When you want to say something occurred only one time, it's "once". Two is twice, three is thrice. What's for four?
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Thrice or triple?

There is a fairly well known recipe for Triple Cooked Chips. It involves cooking chips three different ways / times. Is triple cooked correct or should it be called Thrice Cooked Chips as they have ...
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Why has the word "thrice" fallen out of common usage?

I'm an American living in America, but my workplace has a lot of immigrants from India here. They all use "thrice" very commonly, which is wonderful to my ears! Thrice is such a delightful word. ...
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Is there a difference between "treble" and "triple"?

I've been reading The Economist lately and noticed that the magazine uses both trebled and tripled. According to my dictionary, "treble" means "threefold; triple". Is there a subtle difference, not ...
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Once/twice/thrice vs one/two/three times

Is there a difference in nuance when using once, twice or thrice instead of one time, two times or three times, especially when counting occurrences? It has happened twice before. It has ...
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Is "triple" the proper counterpart of pair when describing a group of three items?

I'm writing a tech doc and this question bothers me, though I know it should be simple. I know I should say "A pair of [Key, Value]", but when I have something like "A ____ of [Key, Value, Flag]", I'...
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What should I use between "triple" vs. "all"?

If I have 2 pens and I want to say all of them are green, I can say "Both of them are green" but if I have 3 pens should I use "Triple of them are green" or "All of them are green"?
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How common is "thrice"?

Our proofreader, a native speaker of American English, just won't let me use this word. Every single time I try to sneak it onto one of our sites, she replaces it with three times. Now, I do realize ...
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