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Difference between "aunt to" and "aunt of"

E.g. You are going to be aunt to my son. You're going to be aunt of my son.
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Is there a difference between "of" and "to" in these cases?

Example: is there a difference - even a subtle one - between: the hinges of a door the hinges to a door I suspect there is a slight difference, yet I cannot quite pin down what that difference is. ...
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Is it "superior of" or "superior to"? [closed]

Is it "superior of" or "superior to"? In a sentence: We conclude that our proposed model is superior to the base case. or We conclude that our proposed model is superior of the base case.
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"Ability of [gerund]" vs. "ability to [infinitive]" [closed]

I want to say one of the following: For them, ability of speaking is worthless since all the them are great speakers. For them, ability to speak is worthless since all of them are great ...
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"Access to..." or "access of..."?

Translating a title of a paper from another language, I’m debating between Remote Access to a Computer System Remote Access of a Computer System This is a title, so it should stand on its own, ...
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"in/as accompaniment to/of"

I would like to write the correct form of the following sentence: He played the guitar in/as accompaniment to/of the choir's chant. Which is the most correct, and why?
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Is it “payment on/to/of something”? [closed]

Which preposition should be used in the following situations — on, to or of? payment on/to/of something. Here is the money to/of it.
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"The lyrics to the song" vs. "the lyrics of the song"

Do you remember the lyrics to the song? Do you remember the lyrics of the song? I'm more familiar with the second sentence using the "of". But what I don't know is, how would you interpret both ...
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"Improvement in/on/of/to something"

What is the correct preposition to use after improvement? For example, The successful candidate is expected to contribute with an improvement of the current calibration.
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“Solution to” vs. “solution of ”

What is the difference between saying solution to the problem and saying solution of the problem? Are they both equivalent, or is there some difference?
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"The key to/of the door"

I would like to know what the difference between "the key to the door" and "the the key of the door", or between "the servant to the master" and "the servant of the master" is.
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Can something be a parent or child "to"/"of" something?

I am writing some software documentation. There are data structures that are organized in trees and every element in the structure can be child or parent "to"/"of" every other element. I am not a ...
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