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What's the difference between "think it helpful" and "think it's helpful"? [duplicate]

Is the following a valid sentence? I think it helpful to mention the caveats in the document. If so, how is the meaning different from this: I think it's helpful to mention the caveats in the ...
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There seems (to be) a... vs. There seems (to be) little

There seems to be a problem. There seems a problem. In this type of construction, the version with to be, such as (1), is much more productive than the one without, such as (2). See this Ngram: ...
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"To be" in front of adjective? [duplicate]

Do we need "to be"(or a form of 'to be') before adjectives? For example: I want my hair black. I want my hair to be black. This is ready to publish. This is ready to be published. I ...
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What is the purpose of 'to be' in this sentence and is it grammatically incorrect if it is omitted?

It (Parasite) is the first-ever South Korean film to be nominated for an Oscar. A student of mine asked me why there is 'to be' in this sentence. What is the purpose of 'to be' in this sentence and ...
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What type of grammar construction is "She thinks herself (to be) able to..."?

She thinks herself able to best him in this argument. She thinks that she is able to best him in this argument. She thinks herself to be able to best him in this argument. Are the first and the ...
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Clause in sentence

John found it surprising that Wayne played the tuba. That Wayne played the tuba is the clause, but what kind is it? I am completely stuck on this and can't figure it out.
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Use of "elide" --common or esoteric? [closed]

Is the word "elide" a word commonly used by English speakers, or is it a more esoteric word used in law or crossword puzzles?
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Differences between Verb + to be + adjective and Verb + adjective

What are the differences between these two sentences? These two guys seem to be inseparable. These two guys seem inseparable. I can intuitively say that the latter one is grammatically wrong. Could ...
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Omitting "is", like in "I think it strange"

What is the grammar behind the construction "I think it strange/necessary that ...", and when can and cannot this apparent omission of the copula be used? Do we always need the "that" clause? Also, ...
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