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Should the first letter of a thought be capitalized?

Should the first letter of a thought be capitalized? Like for example in this sentence: Birds were chirping cheerful little song but I don’t hear them all I can hear is my thoughts where am I don’t ...
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What is a word for when you understand and comprehend something but cannot do it?

Emily Dickinson understands all the concepts of poetry but cannot write all her thoughts.
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What is the most efficient form of communication [closed]

Writing, speaking, typing, body signals and more are all ways to transfer thoughts between humans. But what is the fastest, most efficient, or most reliable of these methods? Thank you for your ...
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The word that describes a feeling of confusion/second guessing

It's like the feeling you get when you have second thoughts or second guess yourself. Not really suspicious, but more with a self reflection/introspection tone. As I thought more about what she said, ...
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Should there be a comma after 'I thought' if this phrase is followed by an italicised thought?

For example, if writing: I thought, she may miss him, but tonight you can't tell. should there be a comma after 'I thought', or any other punctuation for that matter? I know commas are often used ...
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Older equivalent to “concrete thought” metaphor?

What came first, concrete as a way to express a solid thought, or concrete as a solid building material? And what I am really getting at is, prior to the invention of concrete as a building material, ...
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Antonym of black and white thinking (or splitting)

Splitting is a type of cognitive distortion where one sees a situation from an all-or-nothing perspective. What could we call the type of thinking that is not based on extremes? Would "balanced ...
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Word for thought process debilitating productivity

Is there a word that describes being stuck in thought and being unable to satiate or quench the thought process. I'm looking for a word or phrase that describes being somewhat debilitated by a ...
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Words to say when you don't want to speak about it otherwise it might come true

How do you say a situation wherein you are thinking of something negative while not speaking about it otherwise it might come true. Conversely, it could also be a situation wherein you are not ...
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I decided / I thought

I was writing to my supervisor today asking for a day off. Here is what I wrote "Dr, I had an accident yesterday. Luckily it wasn't major. But I am not feeling fully recovered today. So I decided to ...
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Is this a conditional? What tense do I use?

Context: I want to describe my thought in the past about what would happen The sentence: I thought if I bought her flowers, she would be happy. Is this sentence correct? I am confused because, if I ...
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Sarcasm within thoughts

When I write sarcasm, I put it in italic writing, like; what a beautiful sweater. I also do this when writing third person perspective characters like; he's ugly. But what if the character is thinking ...
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Is there a word in English which expresses the idea of 'logicate' (which is not an English word)?

I am trying to translate the Greek word λογιξομαι, logitsomai,which is usually translated 'account' or 'reckon' which I do not think quite catch the meaning. In English, we have words for numerical ...
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