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What is the meaning of "On Friday evening last"?

On Friday evening last I received His Majesty's commission to form a new Administration. This one is from Winston Churchill's speech:
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Meaning of 'the recovery might not last'

Without a large amount of spending, the recovery might not last. I don't understand the meaning of the above sentence. Could someone help me to figure it out?
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Last Thanksgiving

Would "last Thanksgiving" at the end of 2014 refer to November 27, 2014 or November 27, 2013? Technically, the most recent Thanksgiving would be the former but the Thanksgiving in the last year would ...
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Conventions for dates spoken without year

Today is April 4th, 2013. What is meant when someone says "May 1st"? I would assume its May 1, 2013. And "last May 1st" as May 1, 2012. As for "next May 1st", I would assume "next" is a redundancy ...
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What does "last month" mean?

Let me explain the situation. Today is Oct 31, 2012. After I got my October pay-slip yesterday I had the following conversation: Me: Hey guy, I have a question to ask you about the pay-slip of the ...
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"This summer" versus "last summer" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which day does “next Tuesday” refer to? This is October. We went to the hill station this year's (2012) summer. Now, how do I say this to others. I have been saying this ...
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Meaning of "last/this/next Monday" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which day does “next Tuesday” refer to? Suppose today is Tuesday. What do last Monday, this Monday and next Monday mean?
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Has the use of the idiom "last week" surpassed the use of the correct "yester-week"?

In his book Write It Right, which was published in 1909 -– a hundred years ago -- Ambrose Bierce disagreed with the usage of the words “Last” and “Past” with “week”. He explained : Last and Past. “...
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