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For questions about theater, including terminology, role, related concepts, and dialogue analysis.

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What's a word for ensuring certain categories play certain roles?

There is discussion sometimes about whether Jews, black people, gay people etc should be the only people allowed to play Jews, black people, gay people etc in film, TV or plays. What is a good word to ...
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What do you call someone who performs in musical theatre?

I'm just wondering what you call someone who performs musical theater. I know that, in non-musical theater, you'd call them an actor or actress, but since musical theater performer might be singing ...
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"Double or nothing" - Seinfeld season 6

In "The Diplomat's Club" (Seinfeld Season 6 Episode 21) the phrase in question is used in the following context: Kramer, one of the show's characters, is gambling with a stranger, and he's ...
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Is there another more official theatrical term for “straight man”?

Thesauri provide “straight person”, “sidekick”, “second banana”, “feed” or “feeder”, “foil”, and “stooge”. We are curious if the theatrical community has a more formal or administrative term.
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What is word for lover of live theater? [closed]

One word for lover of theater or avid fan of attending plays
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What are dress-boxes in a theatre?

Here is a sentence from Dickens: On somebody’s motion, we resolved to go downstairs to the dress-boxes, where the ladies were. This is a scene in a theatre, when drunk Copperfield with friends ...
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Public space in front of a theatre

I would like to ask, if there is any word describing public space in front of a theater. Something like vallation, but specific for theaters. I need to do architectural research, but can't find any ...
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What is the origin of the phrase "And scene!"

I've run across this phrase a couple of times recently, and was curious about its origins. I would specifically like to know: In what context did the phrase originally arise? Exactly what did it ...
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What does it mean to defend a play as a work of art?

My theatre professor has given me an assignment, part of which is to defend a play we watched as a work of art - "The Piano Lesson" by August Wilson. However, she hasn't explicitly said what that ...
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what is the difference between movie/film and theater? [closed]

what is difference between movie/film and theater?. Do these differences make movies "better" than theater,or simply "different"? thank you for your answer:)))
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What is an alternative to the words "Enjoy the Show"on a theater program? [closed]

What is an alternative to the words >Enjoy the Showon a theater program?
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Climactic act of reaching one's limit and turning to the sky/God/universe for answers

I'm looking for a word to describe the dramatic moment when, after being pushed to the limit, someone drops to their knees and turns to the sky/God/universe. In other words, this is the moment when ...
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Dramatic hijacking of a sentence

A common trope in movies. What's it called? Person A: The President was a brilliant man! A truly one-of-a-kind-- Person B: killer, who used his ruthless abandon to get ahead!
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Word for "A Song that Sets a Scene in a Particular Region or Culture"

This is a technical term in theater and movie arts for a stereotyped piece of music that is played to cue the audience that a scene is set in a particular location. E.g. London --> Rule ...
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"Cut their hawsers"

I'm annotating a late 16th or early 17th century English play for publication, and I'm having trouble making sense of a certain incident that takes place. I'm hoping someone familiar with Elizabethan ...
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Is there a word for the talking an artist does between songs?

I am looking for a word which describes the talking an artist does between songs in a live performance. The word "intermission" is close, but I think that it has the connotation of a longer break, ...
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What does "passion-tearing" mean?

What does "passion-tearing" mean in the following context? My parents were at the summer theater singing a first matinee performance of "You Can't Take It With You". In summer stock productions ...
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