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What is the grammatical function of 'that' in Shelley's poem?

I am trying to determine the grammatical function of that in the line: The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed. from Shelley's Ozymandius. I want to work out if 'that' is being used as a ...
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"What does it mean?" vs. "What does that mean?" — what's the difference?

I tried to find an answer to this question. But no luck. Can somebody explain it to me? An American friend of mine said, "I've never heard about 'What does it mean?', I've always used 'What does that ...
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Using "that" to describe everything.. Is this incorrect, or poor grammar?

I'm not very English literate, but I am annoyed by the use of "that" during the CrossFit games. Announcers, coaches, and athletes all said "that" more times than I can count. Move that bar. Use ...
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What is the difference between "although that is" and "although it is"?

Currently I'm writing a thesis. I came over the although sentence several times. After reading through time after time my head started to hurt :P I tried to google it but didn't find any help. So ...
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"Remember those times that" or "remember those times when"

I have seen that in certain places the phrase "remember those times that" is used, when I actually find it more natural to say "remember those times when". Since I am not a native English speaker I ...
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“Searches revealed that” vs. “Searches revealed” [duplicate]

I would like to know whether the word that can be removed in the following sentence: Searches revealed that Johns was awarded a grant by the Chilean Innovation Program. I read in other threads ...
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A general rule for using "that" and "it" [closed]

Consider the following examples: I know [that/it]. What is [that/it)]? [That/It] is more than I wanted. To know how you are, [that/it] is more important. Based on my understanding, if I could point ...
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Do "that" and "it" refer to different things in this sentence?

He likes going to the library to study. That always makes her happy. What if the last sentence were to be changed to It always makes her happy. Do these two sentences mean something different? ...
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Should "that" or "it" be used in this sentence?

People say things like ‘all publicity is good publicity’ but that isn't always true. Should that in the sentence above be replaced with it? It's sort of ambiguous as to what that is referring to, isn'...
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