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Ignore this: migration testing only [closed]

Not a real question This post is not an actual question. Had this been an actual question, you would have somewhere found in it an actual question mark.  😜 It's for testing other kinds of migration ...
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Why is the answer for this question TRUE? [closed]

I really don't get why the answer for this question is true: According to recent data about 21% of adult smokers used e-cigarettes in 2015, which is more than double the rate in 2016. For me "...
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"depends upon developing" vs "depends upon development" [duplicate]

This is an English test item: The human eye is nature's most fantastic organ, and the high degree of development of human society probably depends upon ......... . a) developing of this organ b) the ...
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Incorrect test answers for an English test? (Urgent!) [closed]

I want to preface this and say that I am not a native English speaker. I'm planning to get into the university and to do it, I have to take a test to show how good my English is. And in this test ...
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Gerund after as though, please, help to clarify

They looked at Mary in surprise as though... her story. A) not believing B) not having believed C) not believed D) believed
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Kind of urgent: I need to find the grammatically incorrect sentence, but can't [closed]

folks! So, I was training for a test, but I just can't figure out two questions. In them, I have to identify one excerpt with a grammar mistake. I have the test final results, so I know which ...
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Questions that are not questions (on a test)

I prepare lots of assessments for my students. As much as possible, I write instructions instead of questions. Instead of … What are the roots of equation 1? How are the roots of the equation ...
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What's the content of the conversation?

I practiced a TOEFL(simulation) test yesterday, and I came across this question (which is in the listening section) that says : That's the link ...
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"The species/species'/species's survival..."

Ok, I am really confused regarding apostrophe with the s and the end of the word. I have looked through multiple sites only to see multiple viewpoints. And, on tests they test it differently. So, can ...
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Reading question on a TOEFL preparation book

This text is given: In the twentieth century, architects in large cities designed structures in a way that reduced noise and yet made living as comfortable as possible. [A] They used such ...
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Proper response to "Let's meet..." [closed]

What's the proper response to this Linda: "Let's meet outside the library." Lucy: "____" A. Is 6.30 all right? B. Yes, let's do it C. How about meeting again? D. I'd like to go to the ...
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Can I proactively look for a solution but use an idea put forward by someone else?

I took a look at a graduate reading comprehension, cos I'm worried I'm poor at it. The test, to me, makes no sense. E.g. Surely, I'm thinking, an organisation can be "proactive", yet not "put forward"...
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Use of comma in place of omitted 'that'? [closed]

Dave told me about his new hobby, _____ very much. Which one of the following options is correct: (1) which he’s enjoying (2) that he’s enjoying (3) he’s enjoying it (4) he’s enjoying I can't ...
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Test for intransitivity of verbs?

Is it true that if any verb is immediately followed by a prepositional phrase, then it has to be an intransitive verb? As a counter example, I need a sentence which: (i) has only one verb, and (...
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Won't or doesn't? If either works, what's the difference? [closed]

The weather is windy and the wind is blowing outside. I am sitting in front of the TV, but it …………… turn on and I don’t know what I should do to fix it.
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