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Questions tagged [terms-of-venery]

This tag is for questions about collective nouns for animals, and similar fanciful collective nouns for people and other things.

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What is a collection or a great number of baskets called?

Let's say you have some baskets of cherries, blueberries... whatever. Is there a name for an aggregate? As in a flock of birds, a scurry of squirrels, etc.. Is there a name for a specific number or ...
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Why were lions singled out to form "prides"?

Most of the time, the collective noun for a group of animals is fairly mundane and not specialized to the animal, at least in the scientific literature. Most pack hunters form packs. Most herd ...
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Are any of these collective nouns hoaxes? [duplicate]

While some of these are unquestionably used (a clowder of cats, a pack of dogs), many just surprise me. For example “a cackle of hyenas”, “a memory of elephants”... For the latter I found a confirming ...
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A Pun or Not a Pun [closed]

If you say, "hello dear" to a person dressed as a deer is it a pun? I think it is a pun, but my friend argues that it is not.
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Strange collective nouns: are they common?

I'm from Germany and I always try to improve my English. Lately, I've stumbled upon a website that deals with collective nouns, that is to say, names for various groups of animals. I always thought ...
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Is there a term for an animal with 4 arms and 2 legs?

I have an Adoptable business, and I've started creating anthropomorphic animals with 4 arms, 2 legs. Is there a term for this type of animal?
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Are "streak" and "ambush" really the collective nouns for tigers?

I am interested in British English collective nouns for tiger. The wikipedia offers "streak" and "ambush". However, when I search google ngrams I get nothing at all for "streak of tigers" or "ambush ...
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Was "ugly" ever a word meaning a group of walruses?

A Google search for ugly of walruses yields many results mentioning the word as an item of trivia. But I've yet to discover a single source actually using the word. Did it in fact ever have that ...
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Etymology of "a pride of lions"

Etymonline does not hesitate to assume that "a pride of lions" is the same word as pride, noun of adjective proud. There would be other possibilities, e.g. a connection with Latin praeda (prey). A ...
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What is the collective noun for a group of scorpions?

I was reading Walter O'Brien's AMA on Reddit and came across this: oscarveli: How did you choose your hacker name? O'Brien: It was chosen for me in high school as I was a very docile person until ...
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Why is it a school/shoal of fish, dolphins, porpoises and squids for example, but rather a pod/gam/herd/mob of whales?

Would it be incorrect to say 'a school' of whales?
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What is the collective noun for a collection of collective nouns? [closed]

murder : crows :: _ : collective nouns Sorry, no multiple choice this time.
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A murder of crows?

I love the subset of collective nouns known as the terms of venery. These are collective nouns specific to a particular group of animals. Some of the more inventive examples are: a murder of crows, a ...
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What is a group of dragonflies?

As per title, what is the name of a group of dragonflies? Some friends say it is a mob, some say it is a hover. Anyone?
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Terms for collections of animals

As I watched the murder of crows sitting on the line above my house this evening, I got wondering where all of the collective nouns for animals (pod of whales, gaggle of geese, pride of lions) came ...
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