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Difference Between Since and For When Referring to Past Event

I'm a pen pal with a couple of native German speakers. We correct each others mistakes and try to explain why they are mistakes if it's not a cut and dry solution like conjugation etc. There is a ...
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a single word that says a person(child) was taught one thing and has not been told about alternatives

A word that means teaching or giving someone only one thing and not letting them know about other alternatives (e.g. teaching a child of only one religion?)
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Streamer/Ribbon Difference Question

Just a different question but it's bugging me, I need an answer. I used to come from France to the USA when i was a boy to visit my family, and to my great annoyance (they thought it would suit my ...
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Free word list of English words of interest to children?

I'm developing a software application for children and it would be useful to have an English dictionary with terms/words sorted by their "interestingness" to children aged 4-8. Terms like "unicorn", "...
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How to teach my child the difference between "got" and "go" using phonics?

This is one of two questions regarding teaching my child to read using phonics. The other question is: How to teach a child using phonics in a different accent? I am a parent of a four year old boy ...
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How to explain accent variations to students

I am an ESL teacher working in China. During lessons, I am occasional interrupted by students or parents who point out that my pronunciation of some words is incorrect. They then produce a dictionary ...
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Simple yet interesting English game for class? [closed]

I'll be hosting an English activity this week. Could you share some interesting English games which impressed you the most?