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Are there any words in English that have a plural with a separate derivation?

There are some irregular plurals in English (child/children, goose/geese), but all of the ones I know of share the same root word. In some languages, there are some irregular pairs where the singular ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Are there other verbs like “be” and “go”?

The verbs be and go have the nice peculiarity that their various forms (be/was and go/went) come from originally distinct verbs. Are there other such verbs?
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1 answer

Good and bad - suppletive adjectives

In English, there are three suppletive adjectives: good, bad and far. Their comparative and superlative forms derive from different stems, i.e., we have best instead of *goodest, worse instead of *...
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Superlative form of the adjective "little" for degree or intensity

Inflections of 'little' (adj): For size or age: Littler ("That tree is little, but the tree next to it is even littler."). Littlest ("Theo is the littlest of my three little brothers.&...
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