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Object versus subject pronoun where object performs an action [duplicate]

Is it proper to say "Bob wants Joe and I to stop speaking," OR "Bob wants Joe and me to stop speaking"? I know the answer has to do with a gap in my subject/object knowledge, but ...
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I'm a stay-at-home person—but who <or whom> isn't these days? [duplicate]

Should I be using "who" or "whom" in this sentence? How would I form the deep structure of this sentence? Is it "These days, a stay at home person is not whom"?
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Why do verbs go without an "S" in these cases? [duplicate]

Here are two examples of the word "lest": They should fill in the hole on that playground lest anyone fall into it. She was not ready and was worried lest anyone see her naked. I'm wondering why ...
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Does "hopelessly lost" sound awkward?

The expression hopelessly lost just sounds awkward in my ears. But it seems to be grammatically correct and googling it finds quite a few links, so it seems to be a valid expression nevertheless. So, ...
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What are comparative strong points of online dictionaries and other useful reference sites?

NOTE: This question was composed in an attempt to follow Guidelines for Great Subjective Questions. I hope I do not fail them too hard, but if you see how the question can be improved please edit it ...
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What are some good books on articulation?

I am fully capable of speaking, reading and writing (British-)English and my native language, but I find that I tend to mumble and muffle my voice. Furthermore, I would love to perfect my speech in ...
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