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Whom can I trust, if not ____. a) he b) him which one is grammatical? [duplicate]

I know about the conditional sentences that go as following: "If I were he, I would have forgotten the whole lesson." In the sentence above, "he" is preferable to "him,"...
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"He, like her" or "He, like she" [duplicate]

I came across the following sentence in a book I am reading: He, like her, did not die a natural death. Should it be 'she' instead of 'her', since both 'he' and 'she' are performing the action (...
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Please help me determine between "you and I/me"... but with an interjection

I've found a few related questions, but none that specifically answers this quandary: "To people like you and I/me—those who face uncertainty, trials, and trouble—the apostle Peter wrote these ...
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In "I scheduled a meeting for you and me to chat," should I replace "me" with "I"?

My first intuition is that it should be: I scheduled a meeting for you and I to chat. But then I noticed that I would use "me" in: Patrick scheduled a meeting for you and me. and ...
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How did "I" come to be used in sentences like "he said to Fred and I"?

I have noticed increasing confusion with the use of the nominative and accusative forms for the first person singular. Why has this come about? I can only assume that it might be the result of ...
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“We three” vs “us three”

In the sentence, "We three will go to the Express mall. You can find we/us three there, having a good time." I'm unsure whether to use we/us for the second reference. I have read about we ...
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Is "the computers" in "here are the computers that you requested" a subject or object? [closed]

I'm a little confused which is the subject and the object in this sentence: Here are the computers that you requested. My guess is that "the computers" is the object and "you" is the subject. Is ...
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Is "Me vs Me" grammatically correct? [closed]

What I want to say is that I compete with myself in short. I was thinking that it could be Me vs Me I vs Me I vs Myself Which one is grammatically correct?
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Using the verb call in passive voice

What would be the syntactic function of Intikas in the following sentence? They are called Intikas in their language. It seems to me that in this case the verb call is behaving as a copulative ...
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Subject & Object Pronoun Question [duplicate]

What is the rule in use here that allows me to use I do in place of me in the second sentence? An Olympic sprinter on a bad day runs faster than me on a good day. An Olympic sprinter on a bad day ...
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Is it idiomatically to say "It is <adverb> doesn't ..."?

Several times I met the phrase as: "It is currently doesn't ...", for example "It is currently doesn't work...". First of all, it seems that the phrase itself is grammatically incorrect, because the ...
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Is the signature of a letter a subject or an object?

I want to sign a letter jokingly not by name, but by a personal pronoun. Is the signature a subject or an object? I feel like using object pronoun (me) sounds better, but why? The signature looks more ...
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Subject Identification [closed]

Could you please tell me where the bookstore is? What is the subject in this sentence? You or bookstore? Here we are asking another one by calling you and the topic of our question is that bookstore....
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The color of his eyes is blue vs. The color of his eyes are blue [closed]

So my younger brother came to me with a problem the other day. His 'the color of his eyes are blue' was corrected to 'the color of his eyes is blue'. I think this is the teacher's error at play here, ...
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2 answers

What is the subject in "The gift Karen gave to her brother is a teddy bear"?

I am unable to ascertain what would be the subject in the following sentence. The gift Karen gave to her brother is a teddy bear. Here the relative pronoun (that) has been omitted after the word ...
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"Name and I" or "name and me" when they are neither the object nor subject? [duplicate]

There have been many questions on this exchange about when to use phrases such as "John and I" vs. "John and me". The answer seems to be you that you use "John and I" when they are the subject of the ...
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'It was his goal to become a great writer'. <-- What's the subject of this sentence? [closed]

I wish to find the subject in the sentence below, but am unable. It was his goal to become a great writer. Also, do provide me with reasons.
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"All you need is a good pair of glasses": What is the subject, and why? [closed]

What is the subject in the following sentence? And why? All you need is a good pair of glasses. is the subject All you need OR a good pair of glasses? If it's 'ALL', then, in a different context,...
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"We rarely go on holiday." Can I say "Us neither"?

Since, in the first person singular, I can compare my situation, tastes, etc. to someone else's saying "Neither do I." or "Me neither."… … is it possible to use all the other personal pronouns in the ...
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