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Is there a word for a story that you can put into a different context with it retaining its original message/meaning?

An example is in the play Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman, he states at the beginning that one could imagine the play taking place in Chile after the Pinochet dictatorship, but that you could ...
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What is an English equivalent of 'Colorín, Colorado, este cuento se ha acabado,' a phrase used at the end of stories?

Colorín, Colorado, este cuento se ha acabado is a Spanish phrase used to indicate that a story has reached its end. The first part is just nonsense, the second part means 'this story is over.' We use ...
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Should I use past tense or present tense for facts in a story that I'm telling in past tense? [duplicate]

I learned simple present tense is used for universal truths or facts. If I'm telling the story in past tense, and I have to say a fact, should I use simple present tense? Example: They ran from the ...
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Describing disdain on someone's face

I have tried to create a description of a face that shows a condescending feeling towards the person they are looking at, also hinting to a past of abuse due to power dynamics. I haven't done much of ...
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What is a story that uses immoral aspects to give a moral value in the end called?

Is there a specific or related word for when a story illustrates the doing of bad and unlawful things to reveal a moral value beneath it? For example- a story about a person committing suicide and ...
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Can protagonist be an antagonist, and vise versa? [duplicate]

The protagonist, is the main actor, no matter what his character is--good or bad. Normally, it centralized the story with the protagonist. On the other hand, the antagonist is the opposing character ...
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What is a main objective of anecdotes? [duplicate]

I was not familiar with the term of "anecdote" in english. According to the wikipedia, anecdote is a some sort of short story with some point in it. Although in Russian language, for example,...
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For the context of the storytelling aspect to deliver a message, what punctuation would be best used for the flow and structure of the speech given?

Below is the body of work for the self-driven character that is declaring and establishing their agency. My question is if there should be a semicolon, comma, or period in-between "I'll keep ...
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Parable for an impossible idea or business plan

[Edit: I have asked the wrong question—my apologies. What I am looking for is not a single word, expression, or idiom. I am looking for a parable or an example of an analogy. Maybe a one-sentence, ...
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One word for a reward that will not be given [closed]

Is there any one word term to express something which is promised, but only to trick others to commit something, and will never be given. Say, I promise my friend, "If you do it, I'll give 100 bucks"...
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Is there a word for when something's name completely fits the description or personality? [duplicate]

for example in a story i'm writing, there is a character named Revenge who's main goal is to get revenge. Is there a single word for that?
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How can I describe someone that acts like they don't care about others opinions, but does.

I am writing a book and this character cares about his friends but doesn't like to show it, he acts like he doesn't care about them, but in privet he is like a dad to them. He wants to protect them ...
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with 18 floors tall

Is the expression, '710 feet in diameter with 18 floors tall' right? I need to summarize 'The stadium stands 18 stories high. Its dome is 710 feet diameter.' I think 'with 18 floors tall' is not a ...
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Word for the tragic hero's journey

I'm looking for a word that describes the tragic hero's journey. Basically I want a word that parallels the word "odyssey" but entails a tragic fall at the end. The way I want to use this word is in ...
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Which word best describes a story made up of analogies, metaphors and perhaps parables?

Which word (if any) best describes a complete story that is made up of analogies, metaphors and possibly some parables? For example, if I was writing a story about someone's life journey, but writing ...
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Are text Readability Scores good indicators of advanced English skills? [closed]

This question is pretty subjective but will be useful for those who want to be English writers. Basically, I wrote a short story which contains the following attributes : Word count: 1200 Unique ...
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What does "break a twenty" mean?

I was reading Without Feathers by Woody Allen and came across this sentence: "I keep wondering if there is an afterlife, and if there is will they be able to break a twenty?" The phrase is usually ...
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How should I format whispered dialog?

How do would you write out character whispering in a narrative story, would you use italics, parantheses, maybe dependent on variety of styles?
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how to write an onomatopoeia in a short story?

I'm writing a short story and I would like to know how to add an onomatopoeia in a sentence. Do I have to underline it? Can an onomatopoeia be a sentence on its own? Thank you for answering.
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What's another, neutral, way to call someone who continues a story?

I am trying to label someone who plays roles in a story; for example, I want someone who makes the story happen. Beginning, middle, and end. I have Creator and Destroyer, but I need something in the ...
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What does "stepping over the necks of peasants" mean here?

While a Chinese friend of mine was reading the story, The Standard of Living by Dorothy Parker, she came across this sentence: Annabel and Midge passed without the condescension of hurrying their ...
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Alternative term for a story within a story

I am trying to find the term for a story that exists on the side, in the background, or margin of another story but may or may not be related to it. The only examples I can think of are in comics or ...
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