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What is an English equivalent of 'Colorín, Colorado, este cuento se ha acabado,' a phrase used at the end of stories?

Colorín, Colorado, este cuento se ha acabado is a Spanish phrase used to indicate that a story has reached its end. The first part is just nonsense, the second part means 'this story is over.' We use ...
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Should I use past tense or present tense for facts in a story that I'm telling in past tense? [duplicate]

I learned simple present tense is used for universal truths or facts. If I'm telling the story in past tense, and I have to say a fact, should I use simple present tense? Example: They ran from the ...
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Describing disdain on someone's face

I have tried to create a description of a face that shows a condescending feeling towards the person they are looking at, also hinting to a past of abuse due to power dynamics. I haven't done much of ...
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What is a story that uses immoral aspects to give a moral value in the end called?

Is there a specific or related word for when a story illustrates the doing of bad and unlawful things to reveal a moral value beneath it? For example- a story about a person committing suicide and ...
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Can protagonist be an antagonist, and vise versa? [duplicate]

The protagonist, is the main actor, no matter what his character is--good or bad. Normally, it centralized the story with the protagonist. On the other hand, the antagonist is the opposing character ...
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What is a main objective of anecdotes? [duplicate]

I was not familiar with the term of "anecdote" in english. According to the wikipedia, anecdote is a some sort of short story with some point in it. Although in Russian language, for example,...
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For the context of the storytelling aspect to deliver a message, what punctuation would be best used for the flow and structure of the speech given?

Below is the body of work for the self-driven character that is declaring and establishing their agency. My question is if there should be a semicolon, comma, or period in-between "I'll keep ...
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Parable for an impossible idea or business plan

[Edit: I have asked the wrong question—my apologies. What I am looking for is not a single word, expression, or idiom. I am looking for a parable or an example of an analogy. Maybe a one-sentence, ...
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One word for a reward that will not be given [closed]

Is there any one word term to express something which is promised, but only to trick others to commit something, and will never be given. Say, I promise my friend, "If you do it, I'll give 100 bucks"...
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Is there a word for when something's name completely fits the description or personality? [duplicate]

for example in a story i'm writing, there is a character named Revenge who's main goal is to get revenge. Is there a single word for that?
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How can I describe someone that acts like they don't care about others opinions, but does.

I am writing a book and this character cares about his friends but doesn't like to show it, he acts like he doesn't care about them, but in privet he is like a dad to them. He wants to protect them ...
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with 18 floors tall

Is the expression, '710 feet in diameter with 18 floors tall' right? I need to summarize 'The stadium stands 18 stories high. Its dome is 710 feet diameter.' I think 'with 18 floors tall' is not a ...
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Word for the tragic hero's journey

I'm looking for a word that describes the tragic hero's journey. Basically I want a word that parallels the word "odyssey" but entails a tragic fall at the end. The way I want to use this word is in ...
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Which word best describes a story made up of analogies, metaphors and perhaps parables?

Which word (if any) best describes a complete story that is made up of analogies, metaphors and possibly some parables? For example, if I was writing a story about someone's life journey, but writing ...
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Are text Readability Scores good indicators of advanced English skills? [closed]

This question is pretty subjective but will be useful for those who want to be English writers. Basically, I wrote a short story which contains the following attributes : Word count: 1200 Unique ...
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What does "break a twenty" mean?

I was reading Without Feathers by Woody Allen and came across this sentence: "I keep wondering if there is an afterlife, and if there is will they be able to break a twenty?" The phrase is usually ...
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How should I format whispered dialog?

How do would you write out character whispering in a narrative story, would you use italics, parantheses, maybe dependent on variety of styles?
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how to write an onomatopoeia in a short story?

I'm writing a short story and I would like to know how to add an onomatopoeia in a sentence. Do I have to underline it? Can an onomatopoeia be a sentence on its own? Thank you for answering.
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What's another, neutral, way to call someone who continues a story?

I am trying to label someone who plays roles in a story; for example, I want someone who makes the story happen. Beginning, middle, and end. I have Creator and Destroyer, but I need something in the ...
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What does "stepping over the necks of peasants" mean here?

While a Chinese friend of mine was reading the story, The Standard of Living by Dorothy Parker, she came across this sentence: Annabel and Midge passed without the condescension of hurrying their ...
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Alternative term for a story within a story

I am trying to find the term for a story that exists on the side, in the background, or margin of another story but may or may not be related to it. The only examples I can think of are in comics or ...
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