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This tag refers to questions that asks about sorting / ordering usually with regards to alphabetization.

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Proper sorting of groups that begin with a person's name

If I were sorting, for example, audio recordings based upon the performer, then "Vince Guaraldi" and "Bob Seger" would be sorted as "Guaraldi, Vince" and "Seger, Bob&...
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Is there an official name for the process of ignoring leading articles when sorting alphabetically?

When making lists of titles, it's common to write them with any leading article moved to the end (e.g. Lord of the Rings, The) in order for sorting mechanisms to think that the title begins with L and ...
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Good words for "before" and "after" that sort the same, both logically and alphabetically?

TL;DR - Silly question looking for better words. I have a list of event labels in a computer program similar to: renderer_before renderer_after before_notify after_notify This is all well and good......
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Is a letter considered to be in alphabetical order with itself? [closed]

We've come across a maths problem regarding car license plates. Their format is XXN where each X is a letter from A-D, and N is a digit. For example "AA0, AB1, CB9, etc" One of the questions ...
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Does "chronological order" mean the most recent item comes first?

I want to say that a list is in chronological order. Does this implies that the most recent event comes first? Or do I have to mention that explicitly? This the list of papers in chronological ...
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How to decide alphabetical order when space is present? [closed]

for example, aa vs a a or PyTorch vs Py Discourse
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Why is Nebraska listed after other states?

I have noticed something that I do not understand: Why is Nebraska listed after other states that start with an N in their name? One example is on page 2 of the Don't Waste Your Money article J.C. ...
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Are articles in the middle of titles considered when alphabetizing? [closed]

I know that articles ("a", "an", "the") at the beginning of titles are ignored when alphabetizing those titles. What about articles in the middle of a title? For example, what is the proper order of ...
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Is there a word for "reorder and/or delete items of a list" [closed]

This word must not include describing the action of adding an item to a list, duplicating items, or altering items, but rather exactly a subset of the actions {rearrange, delete}. In the past, I used '...
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Is 'sorted ascendingly' a valid expression?

Can I use this expression in the sense of 'sorted in ascending order'? The context is programming: sorting a data-structure or results of a query.
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What is the right ordering of words depending upon the worth that they imply? Also, can you suggest me some more words? [closed]

Can you suggest me some words to complete the following ordering of words based on the worth which they imply. I would ideally like a list of around 5-7 words cheap affordable ??? expensive What ...
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Where does “ö” fall in alphabetical ordering?

Much to my surprise, I just learned that some English-language documents use the ö character. I need to know, when sorting words in an English-language document, where is ö placed? before A? ...
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Is there a name for a word where all the letters are in alphabetical order

After this question, is there a word for a word where all of its letters are in alphabetical order? Examples of such words: AEGILOPS BILLOWY ALMOST (If the word in question is also one of those ...
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Word ordering for sequels of works whose titles start with 'The'

Hopefully a simple one, but my Google-fu is letting me down. Typically, when alpabetising titles, I would move the 'The' to the end of the title but, in the case of a sequel, should that be moved to ...
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Ordering of question mark, closing quotation mark, and citation [closed]

Let's say I am quoting the verse "Do you like cheese?" from the Book Of Cheese. Is it: As it is written, "Do you like cheese?" (Book Of Cheese, 43:21) or As it is written, "Do you like cheese" (...
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Why are names that begin with "Mc" first in order over names that begin with "Ma"?

Why is it that in lists of people’s names, surnames beginning with Mc are listed before surnames beginning with Ma? For example, if a book had a bibliography listing its references, we would see that ...
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How to refer to "earlier" letters in the alphabet?

Concerning the order of letters in the alphabet, how does one refer to "earlier" letters? For example, "Names starting with "earlier" letters come first in lists." Would that be "earlier," "higher," ...
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Alphabetizing List of Mixed Words and Acronyms

I am creating a glossary that includes both acronyms and multi-word definitions, and I'm wondering if there is a standard/most-appropriate way to sort them. I have tried to search for ...
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Where does alphabetical order come from? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a reason behind the ordering of letters in the English alphabet? Alphabetical order seems something obvious, we do not usually ask ourselves if it is the best ...
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How to arrange in alphabetical order by maiden name but include married name [closed]

In a class list, what is the correct way to arrange in alphabetical order by maiden name but also include married name, so that someone who doesn't know the person and does not know the list is in ...
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The meaning of Descending Priority when some possibly contradicting ordering is also are specified

At work, we use a priority classification with the following values: Priority 0 (most urgent) Priority 1 (less urgent than previous p0) Priority 2 (less urgent than previous p1) Priority 3 (least ...
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When alphabetizing, which goes first?

When ordering these two names of places, which is first? Why? Newark, New York
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Alphabetical listing of film names with articles

I am making a list of movies, where should I put films that contain articles in their names? I know normally articles are ignored but in this context the naming is also part of a film's design, so ...
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Is there a reason behind the ordering of letters in the English alphabet?

Is there a reason behind the ordering of letters in the English alphabet? i.e. why are we taught “A,B,C,D,E,F,...,Z”? Why not “L,A,S,U,I,Z,...,C”? I am asking this because, in some of the languages I ...
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