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Widower: sexist nonusage?

Collins Cobuild Usage 2004 reads Unlike widow, when a woman has died you do not refer to her husband as 'her widower'. Which seems supported by Ngram data How should I express such notion instead ...
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Should we use "man" or "woman" to describe someone who identifies with female, but with male sexual physical appearance? [closed]

Inspired by a recent gender-noun controversy, I wonder how to properly address someone with obvious male sexual physical appearance, but who is insisted on being called a "she" ( probably because that'...
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Word for somebody that is prejudiced against people who identify as non-binary?

What is the most specific way to describe somebody prejudiced against non-binary individuals? For context on what I'm looking for: A person who hates somebody because of their race, is racist A ...
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How can one include all people in one's written and spoken language irrespective of one's gender identity(s)? [closed]

I am totally in favour of including non-binary folks in my written and spoken speech, though I'm not sure exactly how I go about doing it competently without sounding like I am trying to avoid ...
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Gender neutral alternative to Sir/Madam

This question has been asked on this website before—but one example was closed as off topic, and the other specifically regarded use in a letter. My context requires the use of speech, as if ...
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Proper usage of trans-theory terms [closed]

A question on Philosophy.SE required transgenderism to be defined in order to determine whether the notion conflicted with traditionally defined feminism. In my answer, I quoted an online ...
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How to refer to males and females in a trans-positive world? [closed]

I have a presentation coming up with a big client. One of the executives I'm presenting to is a transgender person. For context, I'm in sales and marketing - I make TV commercials. In the meeting I ...
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What is a trans step-parent called?

Caitlin Jenner, when she was Bruce Jenner, was married to Kris, the widow of Robert Kardashian and the mother of Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob. Thus Bruce Jenner was Kim Kardashian's stepfather. But ...
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What do you call a person who has had sex reassignment surgery?

OK, if a man or woman has changed their gender through surgery, what should we call them? Can we call them transgender people? According to Google, transgender (adj) means "denoting or relating to ...
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Gender-specific replacement for fiancée and fiancé

I find that frequently, particularly with the advent of same-sex marriage, fiancée and fiancé are used in a confusing manner. For instance, if a man writes: My fiancé knows all about Java, because... ...
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He/she or what else could fit in a sentence referring to a transgender person?

The transgender, who secured 75 per cent in B.A. through distance education programme, said she had applied for the examination soon after the publication of the notification. On reading that ...
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