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Questions about the difference between ‘so’ something and ‘as’ something; for example, “so long as” versus “as long as”.

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"not so useful as" vs "not as useful as" [duplicate]

I do not understand whether the first or the second sentence is correct, or perhaps both? No other metal is so useful as iron. No other metal is as useful as iron. Although the latter feels ...
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“so long as” vs. “as long as”

I just googled the difference between as long as and so long as. The difference has alredy been discussed here. There are, it seems, two contexts for these expressions: lengths and physical ...
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"as far as" vs. "so far as" vs. "in so far as"

Are these sentences the same? As far as I know, he's going to Chicago. So far as I know, he's going to Chicago. In so far as I know, he's going to Chicago. I think that they are the same in meaning ...
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So long as they aren't answering [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “So long as” vs. “as long as” It is no problem so long as they aren't answering. I think that's not a correct phrase, but I can't find out how to correct it.
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"As did I" vs "So did I"

Which is the (more) correct response? Me - "We have more tweaks for the ABC job" Other - "Really? I thought we'd completed that job!" Me - "As did I / So did I" Thank you for any ...
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"I so much as look" doesn't make any sense to me

There is a conversation in Californication season 5, ep. 9 where Tyler talks to Charlie and Charlie says: - I'd love to Tyler, but they watch me like a hawk here - I so much as look at a naked ...
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Not so much as [something] as [something else]

Consider the sentence: "She sees him not so much as her uncle as her friend." Is this sentence correct? I feel something is missing, or perhaps I am disturbed by the extra 'as'. Compare with: "...
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Which is correct: "So far as I know" or "As far as I know"?

Which is more appropriate: "So" or "As"?
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"So long as" vs. "as long as"

Which phrase is more formal — "so long as" or "as long as"? Example: So long as Google Voice allows free long distance in North America, I will use it. As long as Google Voice allows free ...
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