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Questions tagged [snowclones]

A 'snowclone' is a turn of phrase or pattern or template that allows items to be filled in.

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Origin of "another and a greater X"

Having recently happened across the fact that Greek ἄνωθεν anothen means "from above, higher," I'm now constantly when I see it thinking "another and a greater..." But where does ...
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Where did the snowclone "X-Complete" come from?

I'm familiar with the phrases "Turing-complete" and "NP-complete" from the field of computing science. (Along with less common variations similar to NP-complete such as EXP-...
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Where did this snowclone, of the Wiltshire snowclones, actually come from?

I've been watching Citation Needed again, and I came across this bit from Episode 1x03: TOM: And today we are talking about Stephania Folini. GARY: Of course! Stephania Folini, of the Wiltshire ...
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Is there an existent terminology for ironically replacing a word in a phrase with something related that does not sound similar to the original word?

This is mirrored to the question: "Jokes where you replace a word with something unrelated but similar sounding" (Jokes where you replace a word with something unrelated but similar sounding). ...
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"X is the last refuge of Y" - who first?

What is the source of the snowclone: X is the last refuge of Y Here are the following examples I could find: Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. - Samuel Johnson Audacity is the last ...
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