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Questions tagged [simple-past-as-past-participle]

Questions about using the simple-past form of a verb in lieu of a past participle.

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16 votes
2 answers

Why is the phrase "should have went" so widely used?

Rarely do we hear "should have gone" in common speech. Some background: My father immigrated to the US in the late 60s. He learned English first overseas, British English. Then he studied extensively ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is the past participle becoming obsolete? (I have went)

I noticed someone saying "I have went" about a month ago and it jarred me. Then I heard it again, and again, so I started paying attention. I noticed that the first couple of people I heard say this ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Usage question: "I hadn't drank any coffee before I lived in Italy."

Ok, so as an English teacher, I know that in the present and past perfect tenses, the auxiliary verb have is followed by the past participle form of the verb. Using most verbs, I find that this is ...
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26 votes
1 answer

Using "have ran" or "have run"

I was editing a piece recently and saw this structure "Once you have ran the process, you ..." I have always used "have run", but wasn't sure if "have ran" is acceptable in modern English. If it ...
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14 votes
5 answers

Is this correct grammar: "[...] cash can't be beat."

I found the following phrase in a NYTimes article and I was pretty surprised that it wasn't corrected or edited out: "But when it comes to privacy and freedom, cash can't be beat.". I am under the ...
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