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Questions tagged [simple-past-as-past-participle]

Questions about using the simple-past form of a verb in lieu of a past participle.

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14 votes
5 answers

Is this correct grammar: "[...] cash can't be beat."

I found the following phrase in a NYTimes article and I was pretty surprised that it wasn't corrected or edited out: "But when it comes to privacy and freedom, cash can't be beat.". I am under the ...
34 votes
2 answers

"Overrode" vs "Overridden"

I got into an argument about the sentence "Have you overrode SomeThingamajig?" I thought that "have overrode" is incorrect, and should be "overrode" or "have overridden", or perhaps "did override". ...
3 votes
1 answer

Is the past participle becoming obsolete? (I have went)

I noticed someone saying "I have went" about a month ago and it jarred me. Then I heard it again, and again, so I started paying attention. I noticed that the first couple of people I heard say this ...
26 votes
1 answer

Using "have ran" or "have run"

I was editing a piece recently and saw this structure "Once you have ran the process, you ..." I have always used "have run", but wasn't sure if "have ran" is acceptable in modern English. If it ...
-1 votes
1 answer

A question regarding "had" vs "had had" [duplicate]

Which one you would choose? I really had had a pleasant meal until you came OR I really had a pleasant meal until you came I personally think that both are correct, but I am interested to see ...
9 votes
3 answers

Using "ran" as a past participle

I've got a document I'm reading, written by a co-worker. I know the co-worker in question grew up in the same Oklahoma town I did, although a slightly different part, and 15 years later. So while we ...
0 votes
2 answers

"Haven't known" and "haven't knew"

Google search gives about 19,500,000 results for "haven't known" and about 12,500,000 results for "haven't knew". So I am a bit confused about this. Could anyone please explain how should I say and ...
10 votes
4 answers

Usage question: "I hadn't drank any coffee before I lived in Italy."

Ok, so as an English teacher, I know that in the present and past perfect tenses, the auxiliary verb have is followed by the past participle form of the verb. Using most verbs, I find that this is ...
1 vote
1 answer

Should “How long were you at work?” have a simple or a compound tense?

I would like to know, if the following sentence can ever be correct in any context? How long were you at work? Or it must be: How long had you been at work? For example: How long were you ...
1 vote
0 answers

"Have not went" or "have not gone" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why is the incorrect phrase “should have went” so widely used? Which is correct? If you haven't went out to see the moon tonight, you should. If you haven'...
16 votes
2 answers

Why is the phrase "should have went" so widely used?

Rarely do we hear "should have gone" in common speech. Some background: My father immigrated to the US in the late 60s. He learned English first overseas, British English. Then he studied extensively ...