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When quoting poetry, is it appropriate to place [sic] after a lowercase 'I'?

I am quoting one of Rupi Kaur's poems. Kaur purposely writes using all-lowercase letters for the pleasing aesthetic of her poetry. However, this may make it a bit difficult to quote. In one of her ...
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Is [sic] italicized in a quoted sentence that is italicized?

Is [sic] italicized in a quoted sentence that is italicized, and should I use [sic] after the word gonna? "If we let you stay here, we're gonna [sic] get phone calls all night." Or should it ...
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What's the '[sic]' in Newton's quote about standing on giants?

I was going through this Wikipedia page and came across the following section: Isaac Newton remarked in a letter to his rival Robert Hooke dated 5 February 1676 [O.S.][9] (15 February 1676 [N.S.]) ...
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"sic" with "explicitly" (and other adverbs)

I was reading a Wikipedia article on Fermat's principle that quoted some older English text, and one bit confused me: The principle of Fermat, although it was assumed by that mathematician on ...
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I'm wondering why [sic] is used in this sentence

I found the sentence "newapaperman's [sic] newspaper." But I don't know the reason [sic] is used in here. please help. Thanks.
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Should I use [sic] when quoting sexist language?

From R. P. Feynman, "The character of physical law": If it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science. It doesn't make any difference how beautiful your ...
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Do you need to use "sic" for every error, or just the first occurrence?

I am typing into a computer a Civil War diary. The (unknown) author's spelling errors are actually quite consistent. Example: "Troutman told Doug and me to ride ahead and riddjup an area to make ...
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Are there other constructs such as "[sic]" in quotations or otherwise?

In quotations and other similar contexts, I often see [sic] included used to mean I am quoting this verbatim, they made a mistake here. I am not sure if there is a general category for this kind of a ...
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Do I need to write [sic] when including a quotation with a number less than 10 that isn't written out?

I know you have to write out numbers less than 10. However, if you're quoting a source that doesn't do so, do you need to write [sic] after each number less than 10 that isn't written out? For ...
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Using [sic] to correct "etc" without a period [closed]

I am quoting a passage that uses the abbreviation etc. ... except that the etc has no period after it. I read here that you can use [sic] to indicate a punctuation error, but should I bother using it ...
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What is the proper way to cite a title of a poem, written in lowercase, from a book of poetry using MLA?

If the title of the poem were "apple and trees," would it be best to write it as "[A]pple and trees," or is there a preferred method?
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Correcting information in original text

I am publishing historical letters. My research has uncovered some mistakes (e.g. name Jackson instead of Johnson). I'd like to retain the original text, but supply the correct information. I'd like ...
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An over-the-top, gauntlets-thrown, when-is-it-appropriate-to-hyphenate debate [duplicate]

An eye-glazingly, mind-numbingly boring debate is raging on over hyphenation. One user posted full-throttle, out-of-the-gate, naked attempt by the press to which another user ...
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