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What is the difference between a shibboleth and a dog whistle? [closed]

As I understand it, although the term shibboleth is most commonly used for words where the pronunciation varies between different groups (eg the pronunciation of "herb" between the US and ...
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What is an appropriate replacement for the term "oriental" when used as an ethnicity? [duplicate]

When I was a child I remember frequently hearing references to "oriental" people. Of course "oriental" now has a pejorative connotation, and generally "asian" is preferred. However, I can't help but ...
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"Please advise" -- why is this a common turn of phrase for foreign speakers of English?

I was just browsing through StackOverflow just now, and randomly hit on this question, where the question-asker signed off his request with a "please advise." Certain I'd heard this turn of phrase ...
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Is “If I would have X” an Indian shibboleth?

As I was reading a deleted question that asks whether If I would have sweet dreams, they would be about you. If my dreams ever come true, it will be with you. is correct, I noticed that the ...
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Are there shibboleths specific to native Russian speakers?

I am doing these days a lot of collaborative writing with a colleague born and raised in Russia, and now working in the US. He has a very good English and yet, as we circulated various texts, I ...
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Australian regional shibboleths

I have been living in Australia for 7 years now, and still haven't been able to pin down the local regional accents. I can tell a "Town" from a "Country" accent, but I can't reliably tell which state ...
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