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will + perfect construction

In section "10.3.4 Will / would" of "Oxford modern English grammar", the author gives the following example: 31 You will have gathered from the above that I, for one, do not ...
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Meaning of "shall be of" in regulation language

There is an interesting style in some regulations e.g, in NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) I often see "shall be of". For instance; Sprinklers shall be of the open or automatic ...
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Is this sentence correct? "I shall buy the book whether you like it or not."

I will buy the book whether you like it or not. Above sentence seems correct, I want to know if replacing will with shall creates any problems?
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Around 1970 in Britain, was this use of 'shall', in 'You shall go (=I let you go)', already out-of-date in daily conversation?

A striking grammatical difference between BE and AE is the various uses of auxiliary verbs (now, modal verbs) of will and shall. When I was a high school boy studying English without any chance of ...
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Shall & Should & the “Mandative Subjunctive”

I came across this distinction between shall and will in Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage: That-clauses after intend or intention, desire, demand, be anxious, &c., have shall & ...
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Why will was replaced by shall in this sentence?

I was watching "Titans" S2E5, minute 33 in found a sentence that make me think about the shall usage. "It is you they are looking for. But it is he they shall find." Besides the sentence has not ...
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Which modal verbs mean bigger or less probability of something to happen? [closed]

I would like to know a degree of probability wich modal verbs indicate when used. If there is any probability scale for these verbs from the lowest probability to highest. I am also interested in how ...
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'Shall we talk later', can we put a question mark after this?

This is not a direct question? Can we put '?' at the end of 'shall we talk later'?
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I asked~ but she ' won't '... Why did they say 'won't'?

There is a exercise to practice some usages. Q. I asked Sue what happened, but she doesn't tell / won't tell me A. won't tell I can't understand it. I chose another one, but I don't think that is ...
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Will/shall - I _____ never go there. With reason [duplicate]

As like while teaching when such sentences come in front and we teach about using shall with I. Students come up with their books & guides to show as there is 'will' mentioned for answer this ...
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Why does the King James Bible say "I shall not want" and then "I will fear no evil."

I have a question relating to the use of "shall" in the Bible. Before asking this question I read the entire Wikipedia article on Shall and will, and have ended up more confused than when I began. ...
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"Will I open this box?" - "No, you mustn't."

I'm struggling with "will I" in this sentence. Is it grammatically correct? I know that "shall I" would be fine, but does "will I" work too?
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"Remember thou shalt die": Shall/will

A common translation of the Latin hortative memento mori is "Remember thou shalt die." I am not interested in a discussion of the Latin, nor of what the expression actually means in English. I am ...
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Is use of "shall" archaic?

A friend of mine, pursuing BA(Hons) in English corrected me that no one uses shall now and often it is advised to prefer the use of should, would, etc. Although Downton Abbey is set upon a time ...
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