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- Dad, John doesn't want to go to school today! / - He shall! [migrated]

How idiomatic is this dialogue? -- Dad, John doesn't want to go to school today! -- He shall! (whether he likes it or not, and I will make sure he does!)
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A peculiar use of "shall" in North Carolina's constitution, Art. VI

Article VI of North Carolina's constitution from 1971 contains a provision whose constitutionality is being discussed over at law SE. Section 8 starts Sec. 8. Disqualifications for office.       The ...
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shalt: used with the pronoun thou or its relative equivalent

Shalt is used with the pronoun thou or its relative equivalent What does relative equivalent mean here?
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Why will was replaced by shall in this sentence?

I was watching "Titans" S2E5, minute 33 in found a sentence that make me think about the shall usage. "It is you they are looking for. But it is he they shall find." Besides the sentence has not ...
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'Shall we talk later', can we put a question mark after this?

This is not a direct question? Can we put '?' at the end of 'shall we talk later'?
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Why did the use of "if you shall" and "if you should" dramatically decline?

Google Books statistics indicate that the use of the expression "if you should" and especially of the expression "if you shall" per unit of text length dramatically and steadily declined since the ...
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Why does the King James Bible say "I shall not want" and then "I will fear no evil."

I have a question relating to the use of "shall" in the Bible. Before asking this question I read the entire Wikipedia article on Shall and will, and have ended up more confused than when I began. ...
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"Shall" at the end of a sentence

I hear people ending sentences in a question like: you didn't you? he is ... isn't he? she should... shouldn't she? What about shall? Can I say: I shall (do something), shall I? or I shall... ...
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"If you be my love” vs. ”If you were my {love}"

I was wondering how somebody in the 19th century would have said or written If you are/were my girl/boyfriend, you must never cheat on me I thought it might be something like this If ...
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"Remember thou shalt die": Shall/will

A common translation of the Latin hortative memento mori is "Remember thou shalt die." I am not interested in a discussion of the Latin, nor of what the expression actually means in English. I am ...
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"I shall" vs. "I will" in an e-mail to a superior [duplicate]

In an e-mail to a superior, should I write "I shall create a page", or "I will create a page"?
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When should one use “shall” and "will”? [duplicate]

When should one use “shall” and "will”? 'Sure, I __________ come.' Which word - "shall" or "will" - should be used in the blank?
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When should I use "shall" versus "will"?

Which is the correct use of these two words, and in which context should one be used rather than the other?
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