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Do animals have "gender"?

Studying animals in biology can we use gender instead of sex? Even native English authors use gender in articles in case of animals. Is it correct? Examples: Gender-Based Differences in Rats after ...
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Etymology of "gender" [closed]

According to OED, the English word "gender" was originally a loan from Norman French, meaning 'kind/type' e.g. Byshinynge & liȝt ben diuers as species and gendir; for eueryche ...
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Pair like man/woman but clearly for sex not gender [closed]

If I want to distinguish social (or linguistic) gender and biological sex in a text, is there any polar pair of terms that clearly refers to organisms with a specific sex and not (also) to persons ...
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What are the origins of "gender confirmation" surgery?

TLDR: What was the first use of the term "gender confirmation surgery"? Was it used before, after, or contemporaneously with the term "sex reassignment surgery"? An NPR article ...
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A question about the distinction between 'sex' and 'gender' [closed]

An article entitled 'Sex and gender distinction' on Wikipedia states : The sex and gender distinction is not universal. In ordinary speech, sex and gender are often used interchangeably. Some ...
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Proper usage of trans-theory terms [closed]

A question on Philosophy.SE required transgenderism to be defined in order to determine whether the notion conflicted with traditionally defined feminism. In my answer, I quoted an online ...
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How to refer to males and females in a trans-positive world? [closed]

I have a presentation coming up with a big client. One of the executives I'm presenting to is a transgender person. For context, I'm in sales and marketing - I make TV commercials. In the meeting I ...
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How do I address a letter when I do not know the name or gender of the person I am writing to? [duplicate]

If I write a letter to someone I have not written to before, I do my best to discover their name and use the appropriate title and their surname. I recently needed to write to the administration ...
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When was the term "gender essentialism" coined, and when did it come into common usage?

When was the term "gender essentialism" coined, and when did first it come into common usage? I was under the impression that the concept originated though the feminist existentialism work of authors ...
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Why do applications and résumés use the word “sex” instead of “gender”? [duplicate]

We understand what the meaning of the terms name, age, and address when used in applications and résumés, but why is sex used instead of gender? Definitions from the Free Dictionary : meaning ...
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Which is more correct: gender or sex? [duplicate]

I've always used "gender" when I want to talk about whether a person is male or female. But I came across this comment on a similar question here: Correct usage is "sex" for humans and other ...
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What is the difference between "gender" and "sex"?

What is the difference between gender and sex? Wiktionary says that gender is The mental analog of sex but that's too high English for me. Basically, I'm developing a web-application that stores ...
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