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What do the seasons mean?

It's the last day of Summer, and a question came to my mind; In Greek, every season has a meaning: Άνοιξη - ανοίγουν τα λουλούδια // the flowers 'open' Καλοκαίρι - καλός καιρός // good ...
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About the word 'aurora': which time preposition to use?

Aurora, in poetic language, means dawn, according to some dictionaries. How commonly is it used to indicate time? I've mostly encountered by dawn and in the morning and was wondering if that's the ...
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Adjectives for seasons [duplicate]

I recently encountered: vernal adj. of, in, or appropriate to spring And I truly wonder if there is also equivalents for the other seasons (summer, autumn, and winter). EDIT: I just found ...
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Are there words to differentiate two instances of the same season in a year?

I'm in the northern hemisphere. I was organizing some photo albums online and I realized that the album name "Winter 2012" could be considered ambiguous. Are these photos from the first few months of ...
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Why is there no "autumntime" or "falltime"?

Why is "autumntime" (or "falltime") not a word? wintertime => sure springtime => fine summertime => lovely But apparently autumn/fall has no equivalent. Why?
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Is there a word that describes both Spring and Fall, but not other seasons?

"Wet seasons" or "cool seasons" don't apply everywhere, and "equinoctial seasons" blur into Winter. "Isothermal seasons"?
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Etymology of "midsummer" — why is the first day of summer called "middle of summer"?

I always found it strange that the day which marks the beginning of the season of summer is called "mid-summer", which I understand would mean "middle of summer". While midsummer is on the summer ...
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When do you capitalize the names of seasons?

Which sentence uses the correct capitalization for the name of the season? I will travel in the summer of 2013. or I will travel in the Summer of 2013.
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Term for period between vernal and autumnal equinox

What is the appropriate term to describe the 6-month period between equinoxes, when the Earth's northern axis is tilted towards the sun? Most dictionaries define summer as only the warmest months, ...
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Winter — wintry; summer — summery; spring — ?; autumn —?

wintry: characteristic of winter, esp. in feeling or looking very cold and bleak: "a wintry landscape". summery: belonging to or characteristic of or occurring in summer; "summery ...
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Are particular seasons proper nouns?

Should fall be capitalised in the following? If yes, is it because Fall 2011 is a proper noun? Where should an app be released in Fall 2011? Context. In a Wikipedia article, Avatar (2009 film), a ...
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"Autumn" vs. "fall" — geographical distribution of usage?

I know that generally autumn is the British term and fall is the American one, but what is the geographical distribution of the two terms outside these countries? I'm fairly sure that no British ...
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Etymology of “Easter”

I’ve heard claims that the word Easter has the same Bronze Age root as east, Ishtar, Astarte, and ultimately star. Is this the correct etymology of the word Easter?
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Should the names of seasons be capitalized? [duplicate]

When you are writing about the seasons, should you capitalize their names? For example, would you say: I love the colors of the leaves in Autumn. Or should you say: I love the colors of the ...
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