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A run-on-sentence is a sentence consisting of two or more independent clauses. An example with two independent clauses which are indicated by brackets: (Teachers like writing), (they do it every chance they get).

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Should I use a comma before it's in a follow-on independent clause?

I just want to gulp it down it's that good. I just want to gulp it down, it's that good. Wondering about using a comma here...
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In formal writing such as a reference, can an initial subject defining sentence imply the subject to several sentences thereafter? [closed]

I am writing a personal reference for a family member and trying to list several ways in which they have helped me without the sentence running on. I do not believe a colon would work in this case as ...
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How can I fix this run on sentence? Is it run-on sentence? [closed]

This is the sentence I am writing: Hearing about this school's dynamic extracurricular activities since I was a child from my father, an alumni, has also excited me about attending your college. My ...
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Is this sentence a run-on?

However, the courts in Lundy held that because the landlords never seen the dog, nor received complaints about the dog, nor visited the property, nor knew the size or age of the dog, that the ...
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why are run-on sentences bad? [duplicate]

I have had questions on other boards edited with the reason "remove run on sentence" but why are they bad I went to one page and the example was I have a dog his name is George. The suggested ...
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Is the sentence "The ice cream was so good that he ate all of it" a run-on sentence? (is there a name for this grammatical construct?)

I was claiming that the sentence The ice cream was so good, he ate all of it. ... (1) is a run-on sentence. And somebody pointed out that The ice cream was so good he ate all of it. .....
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Is the grammar in this article of this student constitution correct?

I am currently disputing my eligibility to run for president of my college's Student Government. The grounds on which my opponents are seeking to exclude me from the ballot fall upon the following ...
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Is there a better way to structure this sentence? [closed]

I am having a hard time re-working the following sentence. I know it gets pretty heavy near the middle of the sentence. At this part: design experts utilizing a diverse. Would a simple comma before ...
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Can a conjuction prevent run-on sentences without punctuation?

I understand that run-on sentences join independent clauses without a word to connect them or a punctuation mark to separate them, but can a connecting word suffice to prevent a sentence from running ...
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Is this an example of run-on sentence?

To understand mental strength, you have to learn how your thoughts, behaviours, and feelings are all intertwined, often working together to create a dangerous downward spiral as in the preceding ...
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What's the best way to solve this run on sentence (lots of "and"s)?

I have to change a description for something in our app, and I was given this sentence: Create, edit and delete camera assignments and camera and DVR settings. Now the lack of an Oxford comma is ...
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Does using "and" three times in a sentence make it a run-on?

I'm currently writing a cover letter and I've got a rather long sentence with three "and"s. I personally feel it has a good flow, but I've gotten mixed feedback on whether or not it is appropriate. ...
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Incorrect comma or run-on sentence?

There's times when I confuse myself on whether or not sentences such as the following should contain commas in them. Here are a few examples: Version one – with comma: "I'm going bowling later, ...
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Run on Sentence Question

Do I need a comma between again and so? It looks like it's a run on sentence. Are you going to be able to give us access to Las Vegas again so we can at least jump back and forth between the ...
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Donald Trump's run-on sentences

In every Trump speech, almost every sentence is a run-on sentence. Here is a quote from one of his speeches last year Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, ...
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Having a Run-on Sentence Inside of Quotation Marks

I have a sentence that says this, "'They probably want us, let’s get out of here,' Jake said to Adam." In a situation like this, is using correct grammar necessary? Do I have to say, "'They probably ...
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Is this a run on sentence?

Me and my dad are having a dispute over if this is is a run on sentence or not: From making silly pictures on Photoshop to playing a game that brought me to another world, and even being dubbed as ...
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use of interrogatives in the clause

I have a point of confusion regarding the use of interrogatives in English, as I am not a native speaker of English. I want you to inquire from your teacher of English that are the classes of ...
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Is a sentence that is basically made of two sentences that only share an introductory element a run-on?

For example, "In the past, ten out of every fifty people died from natural causes and twenty out of every fifty people died from violence.
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Is this a run-on sentence, if so, why? [closed]

If this is a run on sentence, can I separate it properly? I would like to still maintain the ideas close correlation with each other. In this, Hesse tells the reader that we cannot equate the ...
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How do I fix this run-on sentence?

How would I fix the bolded sentence to not be a run-on sentence? It says what I want it to, but I would like a better structure or choice of words. While I studied at ABC Community College I worked ...
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How can I pinpoint whether a sentence is a run-on?

For example, this reddit post's title seems like it might be a run-on sentence, or at least have too much punctuation breaking it apart. The sentence is: For the first time, ants have been seen ...
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Is there a name for the practice of placing too many phrases/clauses between the subject and verb of a sentence?

I recently had a discussion with a coworker while editing a document, wherein I thought a sentence was hard to read, because the subject was separated from the verb by a large dependent clause ...
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Run-on sentence vs tag

I was recently called out for writing the following: I understand perfectly, thank you. Since ‘thank you’ can be taken to be an independent clause, this would seem to be a run-on sentence. It was ...
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Why is this not a run-on sentence? [closed]

I have two favorite sports they are hockey and downhill skiing.
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Is writing very long sentences which waste much of the reader's time reading it and understanding it's meaning a bad thing, or is it good? [closed]

When I write, I often use very long sentences, such as 50-word-long sentences like these, instead of multiple short sentences because I forget to end my sentence as I have so much to say so I don't ...
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Using two and’s in one sentence, and starting a sentence with “To” [duplicate]

Is this sentence correct? To view your policy status, last payment information and next payment information, enter your policy number in the box below and click Submit to continue. I’m not a fan ...
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Is it possible to write an infinite sentence that is grammatically correct? [closed]

I was wondering if this was technically possible in English. I did not know if there are specific grammar rules that would make an infinite sentence impossible.
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Using semicolons to create run-on sentences ... what's the deal with semis?

I often see people making sentences quite longer than I'm comfortable with, such as like this: The dog ran, the dog fell, the dog dwelled; the dog didn't wish to be a part of such a place in his ...
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Is my sentence a run-on?

Is the following sentence acceptable? The method of invariantly embedding linear orders into ultrapowers is used to find 20 pairwise nonhomeomorphic contonua in BR, under the assumption that the ...
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Is this sentence a run on? How to properly use 'such as' for this example?

Many new forms of entertainment were unveiled, such as jazz music, salsa dancing, and silent films. Should such as be accompanied with a colon? Should there be a comma after unveiled?
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"The peasants were the least free of all people, bound by tradition and fettered by superstitions."

Does this sentence need to be broken up by a semi colon, conjuction, or a period? Is there a modifier error here as well? The peasants were the least free of all people, bound by tradition and ...
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How can a run-on sentence be valid as, say, a rhetorical device?

On run-on sentences, Wikipedia says: This is generally considered a stylistic error, though it is occasionally used in literature and may be used as a rhetorical device. At the end of the article ...
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Can you tell me what are "run-on sentences" exactly and why some people claim this blog post is unreadable? [closed]

I am currently spending some of my time as a blogger, I usually review each post several times before publishing it, although I (feel I) work really hard there were some comments in reddit about one ...
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