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Why can't we use 'halfly' to mean 'once every six months?' [closed]

I've read other since-closed questions revolving more around taxonomy and best practice as it relates to this recurring problem. But nothing on this one particular case seems to be in the archives, so ...
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Repeating adjectives and adverbs after conjuctions

Do adjectives or adverbs associate with the second noun or adjective after the first one or do they need to be repeated? This dichotomy can at times be too inclusive or (too) exclusive? Does the ...
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Is there a simple word for "increasingly/decreasingly frequent"?

Let's say I'm creating a mobile questionnaire for people in which I ask about their usage patterns of some tool. The user can specify a period of time in which they used a tool, so perhaps between ...
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Variance in Recurring Events

I have a recurring event, i.e. at 9:00 every Sunday. If I change one of these future events to be at 10:00 instead of 9:00, then what would you call this event? a "time-varied event" perhaps?
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Annual is to yearly as _____ is to monthly

A more formal word for yearly would be annual. I pay my school loans annually I pay my rent check monthly or _____. What is the equivalent of “annual” for “monthly"?
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How many words differ only by letter duplication

I'm working with football (the European variant) commentary, looking at word frequency. Often enough, the commentary will spell their excitement by writing 'Gooaal', which for the purposes of my word ...
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is this sentence correct "In addition to the above, for the last one year, I have also been serving as DNO of Bishnupur District." [closed]

"In addition to the above, for the last one year, I have also been serving as DNO of Bishnupur District."
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Expressing hourly temporal recurrence

What is the most idiomatic way to put into words a situation where a recurring event happens every hour at a certain minute. For example, consider that some event takes place at the tenth minute of ...
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How do describe "each day", "once a week" or "every second year"?

I want to describe a repetition for an event. A single event can have multiple repetitions because it can occur e.g. every second week (a regular happening) + once a year (special annual occasion). ...
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What is the collective term for "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly" and "Yearly"?

I am developing a business application in which the user can select from one of these options, namely "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly" or "Yearly", for scheduling appointments. I need to create a field in ...
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Word for- something that someone uses and then exchanges it [closed]

I need the word for naming my new business. My business involves persons especially ladies to come and deposit their (single)ornament+reasonable money in return for different design of ornaments of ...
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What does bimonthly really mean? [duplicate]

Does the bi prefix mean that it is every second month or twice a month?
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2 answers

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, once (?)

I have this list of choices: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, once The last one "once" is used to indicate thing that occurs only one time. I wanted to keep up with pattern of the first four words....
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I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it a thousand times

I had a student moaning because I insisted he say twice and not "two times". And he asked "But why?" to which I replied, "Because that's how you say it!" However on ...
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Unambiguous adjective for an event that happens once every two months

I organize an event once every two months: January 5th, March 5th, May 5th, etc. I want to convey that frequency to an international audience. Is there any unambiguous adjective for this? I would ...
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How do I say "every three hours" in one word?

Given that tri-hourly means thrice every hour, how then do I say every three hours?
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What comes after thrice? [duplicate]

When you want to say something occurred only one time, it's "once". Two is twice, three is thrice. What's for four?
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Thrice or triple?

There is a fairly well known recipe for Triple Cooked Chips. It involves cooking chips three different ways / times. Is triple cooked correct or should it be called Thrice Cooked Chips as they have ...
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33 votes
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Why has the word "thrice" fallen out of common usage?

I'm an American living in America, but my workplace has a lot of immigrants from India here. They all use "thrice" very commonly, which is wonderful to my ears! Thrice is such a delightful word. ...
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Frequency: Every three weeks or more / At least every three weeks / etc

I would like to express that an action should be done every three weeks, but that longer periods are also acceptable. Which of the following is the simplest, clearest, and most natural way to express ...
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Every 30 minutes on the sharp

If the firework happens every 30 minutes from 7:00 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, ... 19:00 Can I say: There will be a fireworks display every half hour on the sharp.
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What's the Best English word for 6 months in this group: daily, weekly, quarterly, 6 months, yearly? [duplicate]

While writing programs, I need to create a drop down for setting periods, like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Using one year as a time frame. This question is driven by lack of a better word. I've had ...
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8 votes
2 answers

"each day" → "daily"; "every other day" →? [duplicate]

Is there an adjective that means "every other day"? I found "bidaily" but it seems to mean "twice a day", not "every second day" (not even both as "biweekly" does). I'd need this word to very ...
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Would "pentaminutely" reflect an event that occurs every five minutes?

Would the compound pentaminutely (from penta- and minutely) be correct in describing an event that occurs every five-minutes? Or is there a better word? Edit: For clarity, I'm looking to name an ...
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Expression regarding a periodic task

So, if I have to do a certain task during a whole week but with a 3-week gap. For instance, in a 3-week period I will have to do that task for 1 week, in a 6-week period for 2 weeks, not in a row, of ...
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How do you call an event which is held every 4 years [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: If annual means one year, is there any word for two,three, four.. year Olympic Games or World Cup. Is there a word to describe their periodical characteristic or just ...
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How do you say "three times a month" in one word?

We say semimonthly when we describe something happening twice a month. for example "a semimonthly publication", "a semimonthly meeting", etc. Is there any word we can use to describe something that ...
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Term for "Every 2 weeks"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there any words I can use to disambiguate “biweekly”? Is there a term two designate a frequency of "every two weeks", like "weekly" for "every week".
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Is there a prefix that indicates that an event recurs four times a year?

"Semi-annually" describes an event that recurs every 6 months. Is there a similar term for an event that recurs every 3 months? (I'm guessing that "semi-semi-annually" isn't the correct answer.) More ...
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Are there any words I can use to disambiguate "biweekly"?

We have two words for events occurring in periods of years - biannual meaning twice a year, and biennial meaning once every two years. However, my colleagues talk about having meetings biweekly. This ...
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Once/twice/thrice vs one/two/three times

Is there a difference in nuance when using once, twice or thrice instead of one time, two times or three times, especially when counting occurrences? It has happened twice before. It has ...
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If annual means one year, is there any word for two,three, four.. year [closed]

From WordWeb: Annual: Occurring or payable every year What is the corresponding single word for occurring every two year, three year, four year etc. I understand that it's surely not exhaustively ...
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Is there a term to describe an event which happens every 18 months?

Obviously every year is annual. Every two years is biennial. Does the English language have a term for every 18 months?
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A word for "every two days"

Is there an adjective that means "every two days", i.e. is to a day as biennial is to a year?
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"Biweekly", "bimonthly", "biannual", and "bicentennial": dual usage and rationale

What do lengths of time with the "bi" prefix mean"? I have understood bicentennial as once every two hundred years, but biannual as meaning twice a year. Do biweekly and bimonthly mean twice a week or ...
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Biweekly, bimonthly, semi-confused [closed]

There seems to be a fair amount of confusion surrounding the meaning of the prefix bi when used with units of time measurement. Biweekly, according to, can mean either "occurring twice ...
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Is there a word for four times as much, analogous to once, twice, and thrice?

Is there a word for 'four times as much', analogous to once, twice, and thrice?
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How common is "thrice"?

Our proofreader, a native speaker of American English, just won't let me use this word. Every single time I try to sneak it onto one of our sites, she replaces it with three times. Now, I do realize ...
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