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What is the origin of the verb 'foxed' in reference to book condition?

I ordered a book online, unseen, and the invoice told me the book, or at least its pages, were 'foxed'. I had never come across the expression, did not know the word could be a verb and discovered : ...
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What is a good synonym for a literally "small book"?

I am writing the preface to a small book (4" x 6" with 200+ pages) where I have already used the term "small book". The opportunity to use the term again arose shortly thereafter ...
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Why is slug in publishing called a slug? [closed]

Slug as we know on the internet from the articles (example 'music-lists/best-albums-of-all-time-1062063' being the slug ...
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Choosing the right title for my academic publication [closed]

I'm writing a computer science paper where the concept is "many small pieces would work better that a single big one". Basically the collaboration of multiple small entities would be better ...
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What is the correct word/term/phrase for "publishing rate"?

If a magazine is published weekly, what is that called? Its "publishing rate" is one week? Its "rate of publishing" is one week? It all sounds wrong.
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Name of excerpt at start of a book

In the front matter of some books, before the half-title, on the very first page, is a small excerpt from the book, sometimes slightly edited in relation to the actual content, as a kind of teaser. In ...
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Picture at top of article

Many online news articles and blog posts begin with a large image at the very top of the article, usually showing the subject or something that causes association thereto if the subject is not ...
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Is there an "official" name for a heading prefix, or qualifier?

Consider the image below (the red arrow was added by me, if that's not obvious...) The heading itself is "Budget and Ownership," but there's a prefix or qualifier of "Challenge #1." Those words aren'...
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"Enormity": Bigness or evil?

A few years ago, I learned that the word "enormity" meant "wickedness" and not (ever!) "bigness"--this according to the official curriculum for a major American standardized test. Upon learning this, ...
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Is there a word that describes when an editor sends some copy back to be altered?

In a publishing context, if a writer submits some copy (eg. an article) to an editor and the editor sends it back to be amended in some way, is there a word to describe that? Not 'reject' but ...
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Is the term writing still acceptable in the digital world?

I find it awkward to say, "I'm typing this in the passenger seat while my husband is driving". Would it sound better if I said, "I am writing this"? Technically, I'm not writing it, nor am I typing ...
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What is the phrase for a publication that publishes articles with differing opinions

One day it may post an article listing 10 reasons why living in Lapland is the worst, and then another day it may list 10 reasons why living in Lapland is the best. Compare this to newspapers in the ...
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A word for really thin book pages

I have recently got a book which is almost 700 pages in A4 format. To save the costs, it was printed on very thin paper and with low-coverage ink. I am looking for a single word or an idiom for very, ...
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"Table of Contents" vs. "Contents"

I'm a student and about to write my first scientific paper in English. I'm currently not sure how to name the "table of contents". The dictionary says that "Contents" is more popular, but I have seen ...
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Words for ordinal 5-point scale from normal to severe

What are good words for a five-point ordinal scale? The scale should represent increasing severity of disease, where 1 is normal and 5 is severe. I thought of the following words (with their value in ...
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Unit of text with inline number-less bold heading

Is there a name to specifically refer to a unit of text that starts with an inline number-less heading in bold followed by one or more paragraphs as below? If there is, what is it called? About Blah ...
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Which one is acceptable in an academic paper? Fig 4. show or Fig 4. shows? [closed]

Is it right to say: Fig. 4, Show the wireless transmission of data. Shouldn't it be: Fig. 4, Shows the wireless transmission of data. By the way, another question would be, is it right to use ...
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In publishing, what does the acronym "P/U" or "PU" mean?

I have come across this acronym in reference to a project I have been given to revise. Usually it is in a context such as "PU and modify."
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What is the proper English term for polycopié (de cours)?

In French, several universities use polycopiés instead of course books for teaching. The term polycopié can be translated as handout. Is it correct to use it in this case, in which a polycopié ...
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