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When people say "that's not a word", are they just saying it's not part of current standard English? [duplicate]

If something is said and people understand it, sounds like a word to me. If people didn't understand it, I would think they would rather say, "what do you mean?", than making it a word after ...
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What is the real-time elimination of improbable meanings called in the linguistic literature?

He brought some food to eat on the road. He found some beer to drink in the fridge. Is it only reality and sanity that keep us from taking the beer example to mean he would be squashed in the fridge ...
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When a disability is seen as a good thing

Ableism discrimination or prejudice against individuals with disabilities Merriam Webster Disableism (not found in MW) Disablism can be defined as discriminatory, oppressive, abusive behaviour ...
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What do you call the tendency to leave out important implicit assumptions in written communication?

When we write to communicate something, often we miss out on certain details because we implicitly assume it to be obvious and that the reader would comprehend it without seeing it in words. Is there ...
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What words in English sound aggressive to native speakers(not a semantically, but phonetically/ associatively) and why? [closed]

What words in English sound aggressive to native (not a semantically, but phonetically/ associatively) and why? it can be not a "bunch of examples" only, but a generalized rule, if you can, ...
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Hallucination and meditation [closed]

Can we say that imagination in Meditation is a hallucination? When I imagine something in meditation can I hallucinate or hallucination is unconscious and meditation is a conscious experience . ...
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What does "Everyone is naive all the time" means in the following text

I am translating a psychoanalysis book, here is a background about this chapter: in this chapter the author is speaking about getting it. it can be a joke, saying, or a point or anything that needs to ...
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What does it mean by: This might take a while?

I googled that and I got to know its meaning as This task will take a long time. Why is it so? Cause while is used for short time period( what I know)... Ex: let's sit here for a while. So why is ...
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Equivalent of readability score for speeches/public speaking?

I was wondering if there was any similar scoring to the common readability scores (Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fox index, etc.) which can establish approximately what level of reader would be required to ...
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What is it called when you begin to exhibit similar personality traits as someone close to you?

Especially someone you live with, whether that be a partner, roommate, family, etc. I feel like there’s a psychological term for this. Like how we pick up little quirks in passing, or how the ...
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What is the word for knowing you are in someone's thoughts?

"Knowing you are in someone's thoughts" - is there a word for it? The concept comes from Epistemic logic and the psychology of wellbeing depending on knowing someone's else thinking of you.
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What do you call a psychologist who works with the criminally insane?

I was just thinking about Harley Quinn and how she works in Arkham Asylum and it got me wondering, what type of psychologist works with criminals (like gives them therapy) who suffer from a mental ...
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'Watch' as a noun vs imperative. Are they connected for native speakers?

Well, this question originates from a redesign of Apple Watch ad. Original poster has a slogan The Watch is here One guy offered that Watch here would have added more pun. But I am not sure ...
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What is the linguistic perception phenomenon when a person can read a word whose inner letters are rearranged? [duplicate]

What is this linguistic perception phenomenon called? Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht ...
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